ICRPG HeroQuest



I’m thinking about recreating HeroQuest to play with the ICRPG System…



You could use your cardboard terrain!

Also, I really liked warhammer quest’s approach to dungeon crawling and generation. It could be used with icrpg cards instead of the minimap tiles

Keep us updated.

P.D: please also keep going with your cardboard terrain series!


First off … this

Second - HeroQuest (HQ) is easy to replicated with ICRPG. You only had 4 “classes” in the original box - Barbarian, Dwarf, Elf, Wizard - which you could just make those with ICRPG and set up a few milestone advances OR replace with Alfheim classes + Bioforms

Treasure in HQ is just loot in ICRRPG so the mechanics there are easy easy

You will want to make a board which I think Alberaan got right with doing Carboard terrain for.


Yeah, seems like a good idea. :slight_smile: