I know alot of you don’t like GM screens but I kinda like something to hide my notes so I thought I’d make one with a bit of ICRPG flare…
Artwork is all by Hank (as you probably know)
Ignore the white mod podge, it’s still drying but couldn’t wait to show it off :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh and the zombie hand is what Im gonna use for movement when people moan about their hand being smaller than mine :grin:

STR, HON + BEER :beer::fist:


That looks awesome, nice work! The images all together like that is inspiring and I really like the zombie hand idea!


Yeah I really like them pictures, even tho they were not done for ICRPG they are like you say very inspiring to look at.


I love screens. This one is a really nice one too.


Finishing clear coat, should I add something else to the player side? If so what :thinking: