ICRPG for Modern Horror / Monster of the week



Got asked to run a modern day, monster of week like game. Something akin to buffy or supernatural. was looking at some D20 modern but we have been spoiled with the ease of ICRPG. so I started hacking … wow there’s a lot here. I started working on changing the archetypes into professions and turned bio-forms into hero types. I was drawing inspiration from D20 modern, chronicles of darkness, and the ICRPG Black light. I started wondering if there was something that was already done out there for something like this. I cant be the first to go down this rabbit hole. I did see the division and first responders hacks that someone posted (Thank you Kindred) and we were pulling from them to start with but we are looking for more of a common person in bad a situation game and less SWAT with monsters … tho that sounds like a great idea now that I say that. Here is what I have so far … figured I would share what I have to help anyone else going down this path or just looking for rules for a game like this.



Did you look at Bearcats?



Me and my group tried Bearcats and like several things about it but find the lack of character creation limiting and the setting was not what we are looking for. We are trying for more of a Supernatural or Dresden Files like game setting. Where they track a monster and kill it or make it go away, with the normal world none the wiser.

One thing we did take from Bearcats was the battle map but took it to a bigger scale for our game. We got a road map of Virginia and the players have been using it to map locations they go and stuff they find. We also have a rough town map of our local home town base drawn on a poster board and the key locations marked on it (Hospital/Doctors, Local cops, army surplus store, Grocery store, used car dealerships, auto repair, and their bunker … the list goes on). this map is also shows where they have helped people and they now have an ally to help them. so as they help and save people they get more allies and more locations unlock for them to use.


a while back I did a hack for my favorite Monster of the Week class if you want to check that out


I did see this a while back and just glanced by it I guess. I just ready over it again and I do really like the idea of tags that may force the characters to get into trouble in a horror trope like way but gain a benefit from that danger. I will have to run it by my players but I think that is a very cool way to tie in horror tropes and apply game mechanics to them. Cool ideas, thanks for bringing it up.