ICRPG for adventure board games



I’m having a blast using ICRPG as a rule set for RPG/Board game hybrids such as Folklore the Affliction. This is especially great for solo play.

Often times these games come with branching stories to play through. I just take the PC and turn them into ICRPG character sheets (super easy). It takes just a moment to adjust enemy stats to ICRPG lingo and I’m ready to go.

These games are loaded with Loot which can be quickly transferred with little effort.

This game character for example :



I have been wanting to do something along these lines for a while! I am most interested on anything you have written up for applying ICRPG to board games. I have been formulating my own board game that is based loosely on Monopoly and Life but has some sort of dungeon crawl action to it.


As many of these games have co-op and/or solo play built in, they already come with enemy AIs.

They also generally come with many maps and entire campaigns that can be sliced and diced to your liking using ICRPG.

Still using the example of Folklore, it’s great because enemies even come with attack power randomizers, something that many people like adding to monsters:


Combat and any saves/checks for me when I do this pretty much play out just as ICRPG does with room targets and hearts for HP etc.

ICRPG works really well for this.


@Vihar has encouraged me to write up a little more on this (2 pages) for those interested:


Awesome, thanks! I’d all but forgotten about that Decent app. I think it may work well with some 2.5d tiles!


This is a _FANTASTIC__idea!