ICRPG + Fate + Solo With Qs



The Spirit Remembers

My Frankenstein Warp Shell experiment with ICRPG, a bit of 5E, a bit of Fate, and a splash of other things. I think the experiment worked mechanically, but it brought up a couple of questions about “canon.” I know each of us have our own take on the game, but I’m kind of curious about a few things:

  1. Warp Shells in a fighter chassis, especially a Robotech inspired Veritech chassis. When I first read about Warp Shell, I imagined them as, like, gigantic vessels, but is that the case with everyone else? Couldn’t there be Warp shuttles? Warp fighters?

  2. What do your Xill sound like? At first, I considered Seth to be a telepath, but I decided on them moving their chitin in a way to emulate a voice. Just judging by the card art and description, I don’t think they have an actual body. I took the description literally: they use micro gravity to move their chitin, but there’s nothing underneath.

Silly, I’m sure, but it crossed my mind as I was writing.

And I hate Blogger. It seems to get worse and worse with regards to text formatting.


I always pictured the xill to sound like The Predator, with the clicks and such


That’s how they sounded in my heart, too.


I been thinking of ICRPG with the aspects from FATE & 3 FATE points to use for re-roles for each player. So during character creation you share your story with a different players to say how you all know each other better. Or use the Kids on Bikes Like or hate them questions for each other before the game. To show a bond between the PC’s.


Similarly, I’ve been looking at incorporating Year Zero Pride and Secret along with the ability to Push a roll.


I also thought of adding fate dice to show more then a yes no answer to any results. I want it to be a more “and” answer to give the feel of more of a reason world answer.


If the roll is less than Target but greater than Easy, then Fail forward - “Yes, but…”. If greater than Hard, it’s a boon - “Yes, and…”


I like how Vagrant deals with bonus and penalty Fate dice in Earthdawn and Equinox, though it’s a tiny bit more fiddly:

If you have an advantage, you roll a d6 or a Fate die. If you use a d6, only a 5 or 6 gives you a +; if you’re using a Fate die, only a + counts. Similarly, if you have a disadvantage, the penalty d6 only counts on a 5 or 6. A penalty Fate die only counts if you roll a -. It lessens the impact a bit.


I’ve been using Backstory Cards for the backgrounds - all manner of crazy stories came out for my Cyberpunk 3535 game…