ICRPG Essentials Deck: Monsters



Just ordered the deck!

Anyone have this yet and want to show some of the cards with the shieldwall?

There was no pdf… Oh well. Can’t wait to get mine.


I wanted to purchase them but could not find a review, picture, nothing. It’s like they don’t exist! Even on Drivethru, there’s no preview.


I adore mine. I bought 3 sets. Good hand feel, super useful selections for many different gaming situations. Pair really well with the Essentials Deck, VDS deck, and even the Think Deck for table play. An essential for GM “Go Bag” or Low prep styles. Ideal for that middle ground between Theater of the Mind/ Dry erase board/ Sharpies and blank cardstock and more constructed “painted minis and shelves full of customized terrain” styles of play.

The only ding I could possibly come up with is more a ding on the limits of DTRPG tuck boxes… They are fine, but that’s it. Definitely not on the same level as the cards themselves, which I can see surviving lots and lots of use over time, no issue all. The tuck boxes will likely be wore out a lot faster than that, the more you use the cards. (Which is fine by me, as I’ll probably keep them sorted into a few cast off MTG style deck boxes whenever FLGS or MM has another blowout.)

My picture and lighting don’t do justice to the well balanced shade of creamy white they are with subtle light gray watermarks and just enough of a sheen to make the black pop out in person.


Wow, this is excellent. Thank you. I’m glad I purchased one. I may have to buy a few more for multiple monster copies. I love the deck format.
Hopefully Hankerin or the community will make more volumes of not only monsters but the essentials deck as well. I’ve grown really fond of using all ICRPG deck’s as a GM.

Thank you again for sharing your pictures!


I believe I’ve heard somewhere there are a couple other decks in the works.


Ah man, those look so sweet! I gotta get a copy! If I don’t use them right away on the table I will display them somehow in my game art studio area.


Thanks for sharing, I ordered mine yesterday. I play soilo a lot and they will be great from drawing random encounters.