ICRPG Drives



So I was watching Hank’s excellent video on Social Encounters here, and I couldn’t help but think about the ways in which some other systems pressure or reward players for appropriate actions. Here is my version for ICRPG.

  • Hero’s start with a Drive, which is a statement of belief or purpose, sometimes written in this fashion: I feel ___, so I will ____. (e.g. I feel hatred at the people who enslaved me, so I will survive so I can destroy them one day)

  • When a player’s character brings your Drive into the light, by addressing it, or daring you with it, twisting the knife, etc. You reward them with a Hero Coin.

A fellow player brings you to the hideout they have been in, and you find a member of the people who enslaved you as a prisoner here, what do you do?

This way Player’s get Hero Coins by addressing the Drives of their fellow PC’s.

What do you guys think?

Also, could the GM get GM Coins for doing the same with the bad guys?? :thinking:


I’ve been looking at incorporating something like this but as personal items (can be lost!). Run with it, man. I think it will be fun in your games.