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Challenge now is to find in what rate does Super power recharge without Orbs. Since ICRPG is always in turns, I’m thinking anything longer than moments fills Super. No need for anything more complicated than that.



Add all your six stat bonuses together (STR+DEX+CON+INT+WIS+CHR). The total is your Light Pool points. Light is spent to create various powers and abilities. For example, use grenades, create a rift, regenerate ammo, recharge shields, and even resurrect a dead guardian!

Grenades , Rifts , and Jumps cost 1 Light point to activate each time they are used.

Super abilities cost 5 points of Light each time they are used.

Light regenerates at the rate of 1 per round [moments]. Light points do not regenerate in darkness zones.


The Ghost is your AI companion in Destiny. It is a floating intelligent sentient robot that was created by the Traveler during his dying days to assist the Guardians in protecting the universe. The Ghost is used for navigation, accessing computer systems, lighting dark areas, summoning your Sparrow, and much more.

  • Ghosts cannot be destroyed unless they take 20 points of damage, or more, in one hit.
  • Each ghost can be programmed with upgrades called Modules. Limit 3.
  • Ghost can hover up to 8 ft. above the ground.
  • Ghosts are small orbs covered in “Ghost Shells”. A type of armor for the ghost’s protection.
  • Ghost modules augment the player’s ghost with additional effects that increase powers and abilities, boost token acquisition rate, or grant the ability to detect nearby planetary chests.


By “Jumps” you mean the Hunter’s Dodge? I think it’d be on par with a Rift or a Barrier for the Titan…

The light points idea seems very good, though it might add a number-keeping dimension that some players don’t like. I personally have no problem with it.




What would constitute LOOT for this Destiny adaptation, in your minds?

I can visualize 2 clear things: subclass tree powers (i.e. the explodng knife the Hunter Solar subclass has) and Exotic Gear (both weapons and armor).

The cosmetic part of the game is one I think needs no adaptation (and to be honest no room) in a tabletop version. Ships and Sparrows should be background information. Focus should be on what is part of the action.

What do you think?


Look what I found … Destiny Monsters for D&D 5th Edition

It’s a nice conversion document for use with 5th Edition D&D. Should be a good starter for DM wanting to run Destiny in ICRPG… aka ME! … Game On!


It’s great work too - whoever did it did a very good job. Honestly I stepped away from my project due to in-game (the videogame) community toxicity, even uninstalled it from my PC.

Another idea I’d like to propose is on those Unique Weapons - Malfeasance, Thorn, Crimson, most of the Exotics anyway - that is ONLY ONE IN THE GAME. No two exotics of one kind. Make them real exotic, get players to go on adventures to get them and make it be a differential for their playstyle and character. Same with Exotic Armor.

Also I was thinking about Ammo - how would you do it? My gut tells me to just go Spellburn style, but larger mags get larger dice. Would be simple enough and is a proven mechanic for such a thing.


Just now read what is done in the Primer (great freaking work, btw), so suggestions for it follow:

  • GLIMMER: The explanation feels… incomplete? I think it merits a few more lines. Does the Speaker get to recharge Glimmer as well, getting the players’ when they use them, making for a pool of N dice that keeps changing hands?

  • TITANS: Might conflict with The Titan Archetype, confusing some people.

  • LIGHT POOL: “Grenades, Rifts and Jumps…” should be changed to “Grenades, Class Ability, and Jumps” to encompass all classes (right now it is clearly geared towards Warlock).

  • DARKNESS ZONES: Suggestion that some places may be so dark not even respawn works in there. Also, the regeneration of Light Points in such zones is covered twice in the Primer, is this by design?

  • CLASSES: Class Abilities (Rifts, Dodges, Barriers) could be presented before subclasses as they don’t change from subclass to subclass.
    -> Titan class has Hunter image (right at its beginning).

Really, really great job on the document. Will definitely use it as a basis for a Portuguese (I’m Brazilian) version of it.


Ammo: Love what your thinking… I will make some notes and add it in there somewhere…

Glimmer: It is incomplete… I will upload the latest version which gives some clarity (i hope)

Titans: yes confusing and already updated in latest WIP.

Light Pool: good idea… it was a notation I made to record the type and I didn’t go back to change it (until today)

Darkness Zones: yes and YES!!! and not by design just by happenstance they are in there twice… probably C&P and forgot to go back and clean up the mess…

Classes: I am thinking of making each subclass a class all on its own…

Thanks @Nicolas_Bohnenberger for the review and support. I will post an updated version later today/tomorrow.


No worries man!

Just working towards completing one of your primers (saw the “unfinished works” post the other day) haha! It’s great to work with talented people, I’ve missed it.

Anything I can help, just gimme a shout!


Regarding the death/respawn mechanic, someone mentioned 9 lives.

I think if you are interested in placing an overall limit on the number of times a Ghost can revive you, the Usage Die mechanic from The Black Hack fits the bill perfectly, IMO.

When they die, RESPAWN in d4 rounds, then roll GHOST USAGE.

GHOST USAGE: Roll the current usage die. On a 1-2, the current usage die steps down one level. So start at d20, then if they roll a 1-2, step it down to d12, and so on until you get to d4. When you roll a 1-2 on that final d4, the Ghost is destroyed.

To make it a little less lethal, combine GHOST USAGE with your “Ghost dies on a nat20 attack roll”: The player only needs to roll GHOST USAGE if it is hit, and enemies must roll the HARD Target number.


A middle ground would be:

"When they die, RESPAWN in d4 rounds. During this time, your GHOST is exposed. Whenever it is hit, roll for GHOST USAGE. On a 1, its current Usage Die steps down one level.


That way the group has reasons to go and cover the fallen ally, and reducing it to just 1 abates the frequency of having to roll when hit.


More or less what I was trying to get at, but much more succinct.

However, I’d stick with the original usage die mechanic where the die step is reduced on a 1-2, because the chance of stepping down the die progresses nicely: 1 in 10 (d20), 1 in 6 (d12), etc., until the d4 and it’s essentially a coin flip at that point. But to each their own, that’s what’s great. If a 1-2 is too chancy, go with 1, it’s your table. :slight_smile:

And yeah, totally, you’d only have to roll that if the Ghost is hit (which again I think should be HARD). At my table I use advantage/disadvantage as well, so I’d also grant disadvantage to the attacker - Ghosts are small and nimble.


Yeah, I see your point in keeping with TBH Usage mechanics as is. I was just offering a middle ground between very hard and too easy to hit.

And yes, HARD to hit definitely! Just not nat 20 because then probabilities are you’d never roll. We want tabletop adventures to have more at stake than the generic videogame counterpart, where your character can never die!


Wild thought that just occured to me: Though players can’t do this in the videogame, the Fighter battles (i.e. the ones Amanda Holloway takes part in) could also be dope in the tabletop.



Mastery from MAGIC, whaddayathink?

Any somewhat-obvious applications to this thread?

I can only think of Void/Solar/Arc energy Mastery playing a role in some way or another.


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