Hail Shields! I have a problem that maybe the hive mind can solve.

My local game shop does monthly mini-cons in their store. I pitched to the owner that I’d be happy to demo ICRPG at one or more of these. He said I am absolutely welcome to play ICRPG in the store, but he would like to reserve the official programming for things that will promote in-store sales. He told me candidly of the trouble they’ve had competing with Amazon.

Now, I don’t need the demo to be official. But this got me wondering about the compatibility of the RPG Underground and retail sales. How do I support my LGS, which provides a hub for many nerd communities in my area? How do I promote indie stuff, and keep the LGS doors open?


I wish I could help you with this question… perhaps… run ICRPG with a module from another game? Showcasing people how easy it is to adapt ICRPG to any game system they want? :smiley:


A similar idea as BP’s suggestion, but maybe off the wall; Run an adventure based on a board or card game that has an interesting art or theme. Probably easier for games that have a narrative core to their gameplay, but it doesn’t seem like a stretch to substitute game art or cards for index cards.

Another thought, that might work on a more local, long-term level; I’ve noticed a trend of folks making zines of short adventures or self-contained RPGs. If you were into writing your own ICRPG adventures, maybe make a zine out of it and see if your gaming store would be willing to sell them on consignment (not sure if this is something game stores would do, but can’t hurt to ask).


I always try to buy things from the LGS. But high end dice, maps, table rentals, food is the future of the LGS.

They can’t compete on selection or price. But some are the ones selling on Amazon.

@Runehammer might be able to answer how LGSs can support independent game creators.

But miniatures, paint, or just asking the players, that if they enjoyed the game, buy something from the store…or the store will not be around to have fun and games in the future.


I too have wanted to run ICRPG at my local store. Unfortunately there’s nothing retail to point them too for it to make sense for the shop. I don’t think it would be a bad idea for Runehammer to make some physical copies available. I know it’s a extra layer of work but I feel like if I were a person remotely interested in RPGs and had this game demo’d for me while being told I need only a reasonably costed core book I’d likely pick it up.


Dice, minis, battle maps, markers, paints, rolling trays and mats, and similar accoutrements are all loot you could encourage players to purchase. Maybe ask for a small discount on some of these items and give them as rewards for excellent role play or the like.

You could also pair up an ICRPG game with other games. Maybe a round of Pokemon or Magic: the Gathering before an ICRPG session as a warm-up (or after, as a palette cleanser!). Dole out booster packs instead of hero coins.

A lot obviously depends on your financial situation, the economic health of the game shop, the potential player pool, and more. But it’s free to brainstorm with the proprietors, and you might collaborate on a good idea or two!


Hey everyone. Thank you so much for all your input. I’m sure this will be an ongoing conversation with my LGS owner. You’ve given me insight into how I can contribute to my local community. Strength and Honor!