ICRPG Dark Fantasy ideas


Hey everyone! I’m going to be starting a game soon via Roll20 that is text only, blah blah blah.

I’m planning on running a dark fantasy game, and I was hoping you guys could give me some ideas for how to start it! I’ve already seen Hank’s YT videos on it, I’m just looking for some community ideas! :slight_smile:


So you want a starting adventure idea or a good campaign hook?
What’s the setup? Who are the PCs?


Either would work, GMagnus! I have no idea who the PCs will be! But, I’m pretty confident I can fit any PC into any situation. Still, I don’t have any info on what they’re playing.

(because I haven’t got anything to pitch to players, to see if they want to play!)


I’ve always been inspired by A Burning in New Haven, which is a pretty metal start. I feel like it kind of depends on what kind of dark fantasy you want to run, but I always seem to gravitate towards feelings of foreboding, dark forests and ancient, mysterious magic that people don’t understand or like. A great inspiration for this is a game supplement that honestly could work for ICRPG (it’s a system-less supplement) called Into the Wyrd & Wild. Great artwork with a whole bunch of creepy forest magic!!


Here’s the link: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/274922/Into-the-Wyrd-and-Wild


the players all wake up, strapped down on an exclaim table. a creepy looking creature is preparing some cutting tools across the room. his back is to Them.66071194_723325261427141_209024556373901312_n

“your bits and bobs will fetch a good price, once i’v removed the un-needed parts”.

he turns, looks in your direction and smiles.

" now its cutting time".

(1d4 rounds till he slow walks back to your tables. players can roll what ever stat they want to get out of this. but let them know. if they dont get freed from the table, they count as a prone target for him to cut on. Mwa ha ha.)

if you want, you could have an NPC also be in the room. have him be the first victim. this gives them time to see what will happen and put some fear in them. have the “Doctor” speak to the npc as he is cutting him up.

or if cutting isnt you fashion, there is always my favored motivational hook
" what the hell did he just inject in to my arm" roll random mutation. monstrous ones.

have fun fitting in back home.


This guy has some excellent stuff!

Also, take Symbaroum for example. A GREAT dark fantasy setting where the old country has turned inte a cursed undead mess and the queen and her people has migrated over the mountains to their “promised land” where barbarians rule and now they are taking over. Classic invading europeans!
Have the players seek passage to the promised land. Either by boat, caravan or other means. Have the journey be trecherous and maybe there is a “traitor” among the travellers who plans to lure them into a slave traders trap, or on the ship there is a “dark creature” in disguise that feeds on the helpless.
The promised land is untamed wilderness, outposts, fanatical cults that worship the “lesser gods”… so on and so forth.

Still. Check out Dungeon Craft, his dark fantasy shit is good shit


Into the Wyrd & Wild

This is a great product. I highly recommend for folks looking for singing different. I even like the exhaustion mechanic in it.


You guys rock, thanks for the input! :smiley: