Heeeey everybody!

I want to run games for you guys in the Shield Wall! Yesterday I had the fantastic opportunity to play with Adam Boyes and his crew. It made me want GM for you guys and I know a lot of you are GM that, like me, longs to be players again. Yesterday I made my FIRST PC ever for ICRPG and man what a great feeling it was!

I’m prepping to run LAST FLIGHT OF THE RED SWORD and THE MERCURY DALE to begin with, then maybe even PLANET KILLER. BUT I want to check if this is a thing ya’ll want to jump up on first!

When and Where?

  • Well since I live in Sweden and we’re talking short adventures maybe 7pm GMT (8pm for me) on WEEKENDS so you Wild West folk can join too!
  • Hangouts for voice/video (yeah video because it’s nice to see your ugly mugs! though not a must) and play-medium will be Roll20.

All aboard!


I would love to gets some gaming in. how many players are you looking for? i am still new and haven’t played any of the adventures yet. would like to try all of them at some point.lol


I feel too familiar with Last Flight of the Red Sword/Planet killer and I’ve read Mercury Dale already, but I’d really would like to join in on later games if you have enjoyed those first games :blush:


That’s awesome, dude. I also recently made my first ICRPG character and joined the realm of players. It has been a most epic time so far, with some fantastic folks.

Glad to hear you had a great time, and I’m stoked to see a one-shot arena springing up! Hope our times line up for a game one day, man. :blush::+1:


I’m interrested. ^^
Is there still a some place for one more player. :slight_smile:


@JulesWalther @Lakins
I’d be glad to have you guys!
Right now I aim for a maximum of 4 players per session. Might increase that to 5 if everything runs smoothly.
I can run for just 2 players too for sure. That is quality game time IMO.

@Seraphim Yeah if I don’t make a complete fool of myself I’ll run my own material. Longing for some Blood and Snow and also to run an adventure I had planned for my FF.Hack


@JDStirling Is Hidan your first for ICRPG? That’s awesome. I love seeing him helping NPCs and that Udins Breath is killer


Rad artwork there, is that by you?? I love it.


If by me and you mean totally ripped from the webs and Hank’s wizard’s lock then yeah
I want to utilize the art that comes with books and cards as much as possible


Cool. :slight_smile:
I don’t know if there is the possibility to send MP, to my guess i think it is. ^^
So, send a message to say if you accept us in your game.
Can you say when the session will likely happen?


You can message any member from their member page


Will do!
Most likely I’ll run in about 4 weeks (yeah I know so looong) but I hope it’s clear enough for the end of next week! Every other weekend I’m committed to family stuff.


Ok, four weeks is nice, i have a lot of rpg session going on.
I’m free en fryday, saturday and sunday, in the evening mostly. ^^


You and me both! Running a ICRPG campaign online for my swedish pals.
Lucky me I have a wife that supports my hobby :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yup, Hinar is my first character as a player. Forever a GM, hehe, it’s awesome to be a player. And got damn what a group to play with, those guys are fantastic! :blush:


So NOT jealous! Nope! Niet! Nej! :sob:


I would love to play. Weekend evenings are taken by family time but weeknights I could do.


Cool! If we could get other who’d do weeknights then no problem for me!