ICRPG Colonial Gothic 12/15 0900-1300 Eastern I


By the way for anyone on the fence I also have another player who will be joining us so even if we just have one or two people signed up here the game will be a go.


I’ve only handled well crafted réplicas, and they where probably better than 90% of the “production” made at the time. It takes some getting used to, but it’s a Pike, that could shoot.

For relying on dinner and such, the blunderbuss and dragon should be considered…perhaps bow and others.

Again, not what the game is about at all…but adds to the feeling that I’m prepared for anything…


Just recently visited Fort Necessity in PA. Being a veteran and looking at that particular battle, I cannot fathom the toughness of the guys on both sides. Their weapons were cumbersome, their provisions miserable and just firing a weapon with that much kick over and over…

I would be interested in playing if you still have a position open.


I spent a decade (the '90s) in the Army myself and agree 100%. There is definitely room for you! Just go to the top of the listing and click the box marked going.


I won’t be bright eyed and bushy tailed but I’ll be there. And my powder will be dry. I’m in.


I haven’t forgotten everyone. Updated setting and character generation rules will be posted on Wednesday 11 Dec. I will also have pregens available if someone prefers to just grab one and go. We are playing on Roll20 and using Zoom for audio/visual. You do not need a camera. You do not need a Zoom account or to down load anything on your PC, there is a web application you can sign into.