ICRPG Character Sheet Book



All of the ICRPG character sheets (that I could find) in one book (pdf) with multiple copies of each, in a 5.5" x 8.5" format. You can print it out into a booklet format or individual half sheets using most pdf readers. ENJOY!

ICRPG Character Sheet Book


Honored to make the cut.


Thanx, I have somehow missed those Battle Suit sheets before


Wow! Thank you for this! How about Ghost Mountain specific sheets…anybody have any of those designed?


Has anyone done a pocketmod style sheet that you know of? I’d really like to see a good one.


I was thinking about that. I love the pocket mod.


Thanks for packaging these!

That mech version is fantastic. Kudos to whoever made it!


On the pocket mod thing. Here is Questing Beast reviewing a cool adventure that is a pocket mod:


I worked out a little list of what would go on the various pages of the PocketMod, and I could probably lay it out in Word, so I’ll give it a shot. It won’t look great, but it should suffice. It hadn’t occurred to me to use the back of the PocketMod for other stuff! Maybe reference things that the players will need? Including directions on how to fold the Mod? More stuff to think about. Thanks!


I just started doing the same! Great minds think alike. I will post it when I’m done. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.