ICRPG Caves of Chaos stream



My live stream of ICRPG is going through the Goblin Cave in Caves of Chaos right now. We playing tonight and every other Tuesday at twitch.tv/Lawdawg89 and youtube.com/Lawsonleong 8:30pm est.


VOD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6Eyvh-SXVQ

My players hooked a right and took on the Red Goblins (Hobgoblins) and their leader: Rulkin the Blood Drinker (inspired by Professor Dungeonmaster)


I don’t normally care for actual plays, but an ICRPG actual play is something I will check out for sure! Sounds like a blast!


Streaming again tonight! ICRPG Animus in the Caves of Chaos! 8:30pm est, http://youtube.com/Lawsonleong