ICRPG Alfheim Oneshot: Thursday Sept 17th (Tomorrow!)


I’m looking for a few more to play in an ICRPG one-shot using the new Quickstart 2E rules/Alfheim character builds.

It’ll be at 8p EDT (which is GMT-04:00 unless I’m crazy). I’m assuming a short and sweet 2.5-3 hour romp through a Wizard’s Tower. We’ll use Discord for Voice and Owlbear.Rodeo for maps and dice rolls (super simple, web-based VTT).

If interested drop me a note on Discord: LukeMM#9634


Despite having the rather silly title of time wizard, Naven Mag was a well-respected and rather famous spellcaster. Early in her career, she made a major discovery, parallel time casting. This finding allowed chronomancers to effectively cast two spells at once. The rest of Naven’s career was spent chasing the next big discovery, but she was never able to match her first breakthrough. It was this pursuit that led to her death.
One hundred years ago, the chronomancer was performing a highly experimental and dangerous spell trial from her wizard tower. The exact nature of the experiment is unknown, but the disastrous outcome was very apparent. The accident occurred at dusk, when a low, sustained rumbling was heard throughout the land. Witnesses often described it as a great tearing noise. The emission sustained itself for roughly an hour. The source could not be pinpointed.

What followed can best be described as mass déjà vu. The day seemingly restarted. The noise fell just after sunset and in an instant the whole of the population found themselves back at the start of the day. Everyone within 50 miles was aware of this reset phenomenon and officials were alerted. They discovered that the wizard’s tower had been partially destroyed. At dusk, the noise returned, but the day did not loop as before. Time continued and the tower disappeared.

Legend has it that the tower periodically rematerializes in one piece. Mag was well off and had a sizable fortune, making the tower a target for treasure seekers. Through some means of derring-do, the characters have obtained the necessary arcane information to predict when the tower will reemerge.