ICRPG: Age of Snakes preview



Coming in October is Index Card RPG: Age of Snakes, an official Alfheim adventure supplement written by myself and illustrated by Frogboy himself!

I made a webpage that contains all the highlights. But if you don’t feel like clicking, here are the bullets:

King Henryk has fallen. This sets off a chain reaction of events across all of Alfheim that gives rise to the Snake-Men once more, and giving power to Bast, the ruthless successor to the snake-god mastermind Sett. Bast controls the minds of all Snake-Men, and uses them to topple one region after another.

Age of Snakes: Adventures in a Fallen Alfheim is a game supplement for use with Index Card RPG. It contains over 80 pages of content themed to the 150-year period following the death of King Henryk. The book contains the following:

  • All artwork done by the original creator of ICRPG, Brandish Gilhelm of Runehammer Games
  • A new villain, the undead Snake-Man Bast
  • 14 new character tags
  • 6 pregenerated “Champions” to kickstart the fight against the Snake-Men
  • Details for all 15 regions of Alfheim on how the Age of Snakes has affected them
  • 13 new monsters, four of which are Snake-Man variants
  • 3 unique adventures that work together to tell the story of the end of the Age of Snakes, or as standalone adventures

The digital version of this book includes:

  • Print-and-play standees containing all monsters
  • Printable multi-page PDFs of all maps for physical tables
  • Raw art in separate PNGs that can be used for Virtual Table Tops (VTTs)

UPDATE: I’ve updated my webpage to something more shop-friendly, and will start a newsletter where I will email:

• some YouTube reviews early with personal insights
• preview upcoming projects
• exclusive discounts and freebies

ADDITIONALLY, I am now offering a free PDF called “ICRPG Age of Snakes- The Lost Tables,” which contains 7-8 pages of content that didn’t make the cut.

( ***** NOTE: I drew the sketches contained in the Lost Tables document, not Brandish Gilhelm. *****)

Download it at the website and sign up for my newsletter, if you please. thaumavore.com


This looks fabulous Dave. Can’t wait to get it.


Wow, just when you need a pick-me-up, you open the forums and see this amazing gem! Can’t wait to see the finished product!


The three adventures are:
>* The Patronage of al-Zaid
>* The Ashen Rangers (adapted from Magnus Ehnberg’s forum community classic!)
>* A Snakeless Dawn




Looks great Dave! Can’t wait to see it in action.


This is so exciting! Thanks for the peek at that awesome cover


Man, I love this community!


this crazy!
This whole Community is crazy!
I Love it!


Wow, I can’t wait to see this!
Support and excitement to you! :smiley:


Dude. This looks amazing!!!


I’m excited for this one. More lore, options, monsters and customisation’s for the best RPG in the Universe.


Can’t wait to get me a copy of that! Hopefully it will be available in the north soon!


After looking at the website, my mouth literally dropped. Dude! You did what now? Holy stinkin crap!


Looks badass! Can’t wait to get a copy


Holy ICRPG! This looks amazing!


Looks fantastic! I would definitely buy this. Are you posting on drivethruRPG?


Can’t comment more on this then has been already? This looks sooooo freaking awesome!!!


This will definitely be sold on Drivethrurpg.com, yes. I may also sell it from a personal website, but I’m not sure yet.


Such cool stuff. Looking forward to this!


Amazing! You guys don’t stop with the content!