ICPRG Minecraft One-shot?


Hey folks, i’m looking for three to five people interested in doing a one-shot adventure using Minecraft as a 3D table-top to interact with. Rolling will be done using Wizards of the Coast Dice Roller (I see no reason not to trust peoples rolls), distance information through flags et cetera. I’m interested in seeing how viable using Minecraft for tabletop with a system this distance agnostic can be.

It’ll be a generalized fantasy setting, closer to Forgotten Realms; the comfortable swords and sorcery everyone is familiar with.


Oh man, dad stuff has me unable to take part in this. But please post how it went if you ever get it off the ground.


Pretty interested! Sign me up! Is it 5e?


Nah, we’ll be using ICRPG; the distance agnostic mentality is great for something like Minecraft!


cool cool! Ill get to work makin me a character tomorrow


It looks like you’re the only one interested in the current planned time; i’ll have to post-pone it until after i get my work schedule after starting back up tomorrow - but i’ll re-up this when i do!


Thats no problem, hopefully your able to get this game going at a later date. I’ve always been interested in the idea of using minecraft as a VTT so you have my ongoing interest :thinking: