I want to share a game i can't wait to play


I want to share a game i can’t wait to play. I think it will be appreciate by this community. :slight_smile:

A dark fantasy open world rogue like game, can’t wait. ^^


I like promotional videos like that. Uses gameplay footage, clearly explains the features. I know what the game is about right away.

I watch some of these game promos from the bigger publishers and I have no idea if it is a 3D third person slasher or a card game.


Added to my Steam Wishlist. I’ll play the free prologue first to see what it is about but personally I’m not that excited because I’m burned out from Diablo like games. I played Torchlight 2 for about 12 hours or so and uninstalled it. I tried Path of Exile and uninstalled it after 3 hours.

Also there are great and free rogue-likes in existence which have amazing game play. So, we’ll see. Thanks for the notice.


Looks really great to be honest! I’ll buy it! Thanks for showing us that!


I love me some pixels


Looks cool. Ill have to add it to my list. Thanks for sharing


delicious pixel art… yummy and only a few days away


The pixel art has an aesthetic that i absolutely love! Dark fantasy isnt my fave, and i have been spending more and more time at my gaming table or art tablet with less time spent on video games, but i will check it out for sure. thanks for the heads up on this one.