I peak into a little project I've been working on Recently



I have been sitting on the MYTHIC GM Emulator for a while now and it’s time to test it out and see how I like it.

I wanted to do an ICRPG actual play Series for a while now and this should make for an Interesting one.

I’m still working on figuring out some of the weird Setup stuff for Audio and video. But this is a project that I’m going to by trying my hardest to up my Video Quality with.

With that said, the first video should be up in a few days. I’ll update you guys as this project comes along if you’d like.


Cool idea man! I suggest the YouTube channel “Me, myself & Die” for inspiration! The guy is doing Savage Worlds + mythic


I have been following him for a while now. His show is one of the main reasons I am wanting to hop on board with the Solo Game Actual play Band wagon while it is just getting rolling.


Man, you are always doing stuff that I’m interested in the right moment! Also, I moved from mythic to UNE system give it a look!


I’ve messed with it before as well… I was always most interested in Tiny Solitary Soldiers.

I like that it is Fairly Lite.

I’m also working on figuring out how to Simplify what Mythic does using Simple Yes/No Dice.
When I feel it like it is in a useable state I may do a Showcase video for it.


I’ve been a staunch supporter since it first came out, but it’s also on my ‘to do’ list. Heck, 90% of my rpg purchases recently have been to set up a game with it!

Even the longtime fans are, uh, kinda quiet about it, but if you’re willing to indulge, I believe the Mythic GM Emulator Deck is the best implementation of the system. It feels streamlined and organized to me, and better than flipping back and forth for charts in the books. A baseless opinion, true.

Also, great photo! I instinctively trust that player, but am suspicious of that GM. Or…


Thanks Bleaque, I worked hard on setting up and editing that photo.:+1:


I tried to play ICRPG solo. Let me be honest, it ALMOST worked! The only thing that turned out to be impossible, at least for me, was the logical solution to move opponents on the battle map. Have you come up with an idea how to solve it? I would appreciate an answer!


Here is the Session Zero…


You have convinced me to start my own solo adventure! Just created my character for Altered State!


What I’m going to be trying is either running combat Narrativley as “Heart Challenges” or by scraping togethet a simple AI.

Ai Example

Monster name and stats

  1. Monster Goal
  2. Fight or flight response
  3. Combat tactics
  4. Target Priority
  5. Actions

With that I think I can program a monster to run itself.


I saw some interesting NPC behaviour/IA system that I found interesting:
NPC and Enemy Moves: When an NPC or Enemy needs to act, roll below to see what they do.
1.Obvious, passive
2.Obvious, active
3.Use a special ability
4.Seek an advantage
5.Act on a personality trait
6.Unexpected or insightful

Oracle (Action Question): When you need to know what something does, draw a card from a deck. Ex: “What are the guards doing?”
2 –Seek
3 –Oppose
4 –Communicate
5 –Move
6 –Harm
7 –Create
8 –Plan
9 –Fail
T –Take
J –Abandon
Q –Assist
K –Change
A –Deceive

Clubs –physical, strong, constructed
Diamonds –mental, plotting, technical
Spades –magical, intuitive, strange
Hearts –personal, social, emotiona

Source: https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AL0vH2rkIwTqdCQ&cid=1157D58D9A86DCDC&id=1157D58D9A86DCDC!82128&parId=1157D58D9A86DCDC!75980&o=OneUp


I’m intrigued… Thanks for sharing this!


Episode 2 is up!