I’m no artist but I coloured my ICRPG cards



I posted some of these on reddit but I finally finished every card in volumes 1 & 2.

@Paxx suggested I post these here and show em off a little, so here they are.

Just noticed I skipped a row or two, you’ll get the idea though :slight_smile:

I painted them with water colours and it was quite fun and easy. I really enjoy the pop of colour they add.


Those look great! And don’t sell yourself short… that’s art too!


This project turned out awesome, the water color brings a lot of life into the cards! Well done!


I;m with ya! I may not be able to draw, but I can handle coloring. Especially B&W index cards.

Hmmmm . . . . maybe @Runehammer should add Adult Coloring book to his project pipeline. Seems like those are all the rage. Why not a cool ICRPG one? :grin:


So 9 Rory story cubes gives 10 million combinations.

With just volumes 1 & 2 and drawing 9 cards, it’s 426 quintillion combinations. For context that’s 42 trillion times the Rory story cubes combinations.

Numbers so big it’s impossible to comprehend.


Dude… you’re removing this post, but seriously, these look awesome. Would I pay for you to paint my cards? Sure!!! Worth the time it takes you??? Probably not.

But this is some seriously cool adaptations to things that are already cool.

Also your post about the silly number of combinations these cards give to idea creation…it’s worth pointing out.


No no I was just removing my dumb boring comment about the combinations. The original post is staying :slight_smile:

Thank you for the compliments.

I’ve got a serious hankering to pick up volume 3 and 4 of the cards and paint them too. Funds don’t really permit at the moment though.


I was talking about the combinations…it adds context to why things have value. Technically you already have enough cards to design nearly

That’ s a lot of sessions But you want more…both to paint and enjoy. Lucky for you, you have discipline and keep a budget.

It shows the value to others, it shows the concept of an adult coloring book, it shows that some of the artistic line artists here have an audience, for quite a few things.


Tremendous value creatively.
I mean I just worked out I only have about 1.5 trillion seconds of life remaining.

So yeah not even possible to see a smidgen of all the possibilities of randomly drawing 9 cards.

That said who doesn’t love rolling some dice


I Did you print them on card stock? Do they bend at all from the water / paint now that they have dried? Really like this idea! Was going to use marker on mine but love water colors! Glad I didn’t actually print them yet. I have been yoinking different images and putting them into photoshop to resize as needed; then putting them direct into my boards using foam backing and a tooth pick. Love the idea of adding color to them like that; I prefer working directly on paper than digitally.

OH and was it watercolor pencils or just a normal set? I have the pencils I used to mess around with a lot.

Thank for sharing this!


Ok so originally I printed vol2 on regular printer paper and obviously they were thin to begin with but yeah the water paints messed them up and none of them are flat.
I could tell I was in for a struggle before they even dried.

So when i bought vol1 I decided to spend some money to have them printed on card stock 300gsm, but to save money I printed them single sided but 2 pages to a page. (Meaning 8cards per page) these ended up closer to regular magic the gathering sized cards. Which while not quite as impressive on the table are to me actually more manageable and size appropriate.

The card stock still warped a tiniest bit but they still lay flat on the table.

Water colours were just something I wanted to try and originally I was going to be really sloppy and be deliberately outside the lines and stuff. But I was much more happy with the ones I did nicer over time.

It was relaxing and great to be away from screens and watercolours are kinda hard to mess up so it was the perfect choice for me.

My wife had watercolour pencils, but I didn’t use them, I was just happy to be slapping a brush around on a watercolour palette. I might have to investigate how to use the pencils for the next volume.

Thank you very much for the compliment and the questions.


I actually think the pencils - while easier I think to use - give an entirely different look because you can actually adjust your water in such a way as to make the “pencil” still show. It might also reduce some of the curling because if I remember correctly, you can control the amount of water a little better on non-water color paper with the pencils since that is your color and you are just getting it wet after you shade in a bit and then smearing it around.

You did a really good job on this is your first time. For me water colors are tricky because you can get like visible “spots” if you mess up on blending water to paint between applications.

With that being said - I want to try this! Thanks for the details on the process.


I agree that the pencils will probably give you more control for shading and water control. Painted water colors may be quicker to fill big open spaces but I would be afraid of curling myself (as well as possibly smearing the printed ink). Regular colored pencils may come out too grainy unless you take the time to use a blender.

I’m inspired to follow you guys on this once I get some cards printed. I need to fiddle with the print size because I would like to print them close to standard card size so I can sleeve them.


If you print 2 PDF pages to a page. You will get very close to a standard magic the gathering sized card and fit in a sleeve



Perfect size with no need to manually resize anything.

Honestly if you get them on 300gsm card stock they really don’t need to be sleeved And curling was a non-issue.

Either way hope those pics are helpful.


You have inspired me to color mine. While I enjoy the black and white aesthetic, those colors look amazing!


Thank you. Please let us know how you go.


That looks awesome. You have inspired me to do something similar for my kids game.


Nicely done! The color is subtle but really makes them pop! Keep up with the artistry!