I have two winning entries in the One Page Dungeon contest!



I love the One Page Dungeon contest and have entered once before and got an honorable mention, but I just found out that the entry my friend and I submitted this year was in the top ten! I even submitted another one on my own and that was also a winner! I am pretty pumped. Anyway, I thought I would share them here if anyone is interested.

Also, if you don’t already know the OPDC (https://www.dungeoncontest.com/) is an excellent resource for content. Lots of great creators, can all be downloaded for free (or purchased in compendiums from DriveThru) and the “dungeons” are often more than enough content for one shots or even campaigns.

Here is my winning entry with my best friend and co-dm Grant; Orokoa - The Isle of Blood! It’s a shipwreck campaign where the players start out with scavenged equipment on a mysterious island. The DM can roll randomly to determine where they start, where the points of interest are, and what exactly is going on there. It is based on a campaign that Grant ran for us but we never finished.

My other entry was The Cursed Brewery of Brickbeard the brilliant - something I wrote in two days just for fun. It also features some randomization and I picture it being used for a Delta Green/CoC game as much as a fantasy game. Meant to be a beer and pretzels one shot.

Anyway, enough of me tooting my own horn. Did anyone else enter this year? Or in previous years? I would love to see your entry!


Wow this is gold!
Congratulation are in order :partying_face:


Thanks very much! I was just excited and had to share. The contest really is a great resource for DM’s though!


Congrats! That’s really awesome!!!


Congratulations, man! :smiley: