I broke out of writer's block! Share in my brainstorm!



Hi! So I’ve been struggling with starting a new ICRPG campaign using the material in Core and Worlds, because I’ve discovered I much prefer to create on my own terms. But I also love all the lore in Worlds. So now that inspiration has finally alighted upon my shoulder, let me share with you my solution.
I am planning on using the material presented in ICRPG books, but I’m going to combine all of them under an inter-dimensional journey across Alfheim, Ghost Mountain, Warp Shell, and beyond. I want it to be a sort of Carmen San Diego chase after a villain through time and space.
First, I want to use a version of the Warp Shell ship to travel to Ghost Mountain, and the characters will be different in every setting (like Quantum Leap). For me, the premise of sci fi and secret identities makes this a game I’d love to play.
I’ve still got a lot of details to iron out, but I just wanted to share my excitement. I’m having fun again!


Love hearing this mind set!
Remember no matter how many dimensions you plan to cross, craft 1 fun night at a time, and let players guide you!


Ever since I learned to do this, the burden of prepping has become oh so light.
We just “finished” our campaign and I’ve learned a lot.
Still haven’t been able to exceed 2 Rooms with 4 Players. We made it to 3 Rooms with 2 Players with a normal run-time of 4 hours.

I love your idea! Been thinking about it myself! Right now I’ve slowed down into Oneshot-mode to get a feel for some Warp Shell and Ghost Mountain. In the future I want to go FULL RUNEHAMMERIAN like you plan to :wink:


Not to let everyone down, but I’ve sort of put this idea aside because of a lot of other complications it opened up for me.

But I’m going to press forward with Ghost Mountain under a new mindset: I’m going to start the game at the most exciting point I can think of instead of “working up to that.” So I’m thinking session 1 will be a straight up train heist! If that isn’t a creative kick in the pants then I don’t know what is. Wish me luck.