I am curious... Let's imagine the "dream tool" for DMing!


I’d like to expand my knowledge… expand it to Infinity and beyond as some may say. :wink:

As a GM, I love a lot of tools that helps me to create my oneshots and campaigns. The index card are really an effective way to come up with stories, the story dice are great too… But what will be our perfect tool to assist us in our creation journey? Into the wild for Dungeon World is another great example of tool I think and if you don’t have it, go buy it. :wink: but I digress…

Post in the comments what would be your “dream tool” to help you creat. And let’s imagine it collectivelly! ^^


If people haven’t taken a look at Stars without Number or Godbound, the author Kevin Crawford creates tools for great sandbox gaming that work in Fantasy, historical, or sci-fi games. Some of them are fantastic NPC generators, Sector generators, Factions and what they have power over and what can be lost if you overthrow them. It’s all very cool.

Both SWN and Godbound are free on Drivethrurpg, but a deluxe edition is available for print on demand.


I am gonna read those!


Yes! And those games are very good OSR games on their own, taking simplicity in the system and giving robust tools for the Referee or GM to run great games.

I honestly want to run a Sci-Fi game and I’m debating whether to do it in SWN or ICRPG Warp Shell. I love me some ICRPG, though, but I can harvest some of the knowledge from SWN and run from there!


I’m guessing I’m not the only one, but I use a lot of disparate inspiration from movies and books for my campaigns. I like to write down lists of all the coolest images and situations and then work those into my games.

After I have a basic framework for the encounter, I also like to simply look at the list of Atributes (or Skills) and ask myself questions like, “How will players have the opportunity to use Intelligence here? Charisma?”


i found the ICRPG Core Book very useful in case someone missed that one😜

Also the Black Hack was a great Book to read trough and get some tools.
And everything around the Game Beyond The Wall. So many good advice in that first Book and also in the expansions. I really like the way they get around world building and adventure hooks.
And everybody who hasn‘t come along Masters of Umdaar should definately check that one out. Its my favorite Fate World of adventure and its full of very nice random tables. the creator has also postet a ton of stuff on his blog. from adventure seeds to artifact name creators.

My Perfect tool should be cloud based, so i could work from everywhere on my journal for example. For now i am trying trello and i am happy til this point.
Also a simple tool for opening and scaling pics would be nice, so that you could move tokens around without having D20


My perfect tool would be 200 pages of well indexed d100 lists for everything imagineable.
NPC name generators for every bioform
NPC backgrounds
NPC personalities
Location name generators
Location features
Adventure hooks
Villain generators
Dungeon generators
Monster generators
Loot tables

Etc etc etc


The Tome of Adventure Design by Frog God Games is awesome. D100 tables for everything imaginable.


Thanks! Checking into Trello now lol

I’ve used onenote and Google keep in the past. I’ve also just come across quip which looks to be promising.


The game Microscope, by Ben Robbins of Lame Mage, is a brilliant tool for group dreaming. The stuff you collectively create during the game can be amazing, but the gaps in that creation can be even more compelling. It’s really cool.


@ekulio Check out dnddpeak.com. It’s a site of the best d100 lists compiled from the reddit forum r/d100. Lots of great stuff there.

dndspeak.com d100 lists


Loved Reading trough that! But unfortunately i Never played it. but who Knows what will come in 2019. its on The pile😎


Checkout Notion.so as well. It’s very similar to Trello but I think it adds additonal functionality that you might find appealing to gaming (calendars for scheduling, wikis for posting session logs, spreadsheets for character sheets, databases for logging game data, etc.)


A tome of materials to build adventure and campaign. It must be possible to make it, maybe it already exist.