**Hunters of Light Priory** [Discord][ICRPG/Omega Play by Post]


Hunters of Light Priory
~Thaumavore & Kubo~

[Discord][ICRPG/Omega Play by Post]

Hey’s All, it’s been some time since I’ve been around these parts.

I’m trying to kick off this grimdark fantasy, late medieval, PbP.
It’s using my discord PbP system. Omega PbP - running an adapted ICRPG core (Alfheim based)
Come and give it a look!

Dark times see a demonic force invading this realm.
Taking on this threat is this well funded society, attracting many with a thirst to rid the world of these hellish incursions.
You will band together with other “Hunters” and join the ranks of the Light Priory.
Protect our people, be righteous, Fight back against these horrifying demons!.

A fresh adventure, co-produced by myself and a DT, with lots of my own unique art and maps.
Bring your favourite Base Class with a variety of race options.
Custom Character Subclass “Hunter” with unique gear items.
Form Fillable Character sheet - so you can get up and running quickly. We have established friendly players on hand to assist.

You will like this if you like:
Warhammer, Skyrim, Sewer Monsters, Dark Ages, Hellboy, Narrative Play - but with some Dice Rolling combat tactics.

System: Omega PbP
It’s not going to be for everyone.
Players are limited to “one play a day”. – Yup! Make it count! Short and sweet works best!
Hardcore players will check in once a day! Post! Roll! and Done… come back the next day if you like.

Anyone who just want’s to come and lurk or partake at their own speed are welcome.
For the right mindset, it can get under the skin, and keep ppl checking in throughout the day for updates.

Looking for 4-6 in a party to play it. (currently have 2)
Happy to have more players join and contribute, either with a few parties running, or just some extra’s tagging along for the fun.

The Quest should run around a month. (over the xmas hols)
Lots of my own custom art/maps and creature designs to battle. (If you have seen my doomvault stuff you have a feel for what you can expect)

We play on discord, but I’m tempted to explore some VTT also.
Lots of extra detail already set up, stop by and snoop around and see how it feels.

Hope to see some of you there.


Here’s a peek at our custom character sheet for the game.
The first of 6 pre-gens we will have available.
Felix the Younger - Human Fighter!

Path of a Hunter (left side), Custom ICRPG (right side).
Pop over to our server, create your own Hunter!


Love that character sheet, looks great!


I joined! Highly recommend jumping in. Tons of neat art within and the adventure looks like it’s gonna be a blast too.