Hunter of the Night Custom Character Type



This time we have a Type based of the epic hunters of the Castlevania games(and show)! Play as a battle hardened warrior that slays the creatures of the night. Arm yourself to the teeth and show off them skills!

I had fun with this class, its a pretty whacky class this time around i wont lie, but it sure was fun to be the GM of the player who ran it. As always if you have any experiences or thoughts to this class let me know please!
There is abit of a part 2 coming for this class soon too, a Caster version so look forward to that because the “Casters” of these games were awesome!

*p.s. I know Meal Ticket sounds super out of place and doesn’t make sense, but what can i do, it was the most memorable thing from those games. You could just find an entire turkey inside of some stone wall, like whaaa :joy:

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as a new GM any advice for how to build a new character type, it looks great


@M1rage hmm there’s Probably alot more qualified people than me to help answer this but I hope what I say can help.

Firstly id check out @KaneDriscol youtube channnel ( ) Hes got loads of videos going over character types of different world settings and creating your own homebrew content. And just videos that serve as a great reminder to mechanics of ICRPG.

Next up, what you make doesn’t have to be perfect. You’ll always slip up with a ruling or making an ability way too strong or weak. Its important to do a quick simulation with yourself and also listen to what players using your Types comment on or say feels bad or good. See if these things make you want to make changes or if you have a real reason for why this ability is supposed to stay feel like it does

when making a type I like to stick to a frame work
3 starting abilities (these should follow the core theme of your type)
3 Starting loots (These should stick to theme and each loot should compliment a corresponding starting ability)
1 ever stronger milestone(very basic, +1 stat, +d100 coin, =1 spell and +1 of something that Type unique )
6 unique milestones (these dont have to be direct upgrades that make abilities stronger, try to compliment your type more with these. If you are relating them to abilities and loot follow a 2/2/2 theme so things stay varied)
3 mastery (mastery is normally a major upgrade to a starting loot or ability, remember it normally takes 20 nat 20s to get here so be grand, even make up unique mechanics if you want. Another thing to remember is that an icrpg , if a Mastery ability is tied to a Starting Loot you dont own, you Automatically get that loot when taking the Mastery. )

and i normally like to have the abilities relate to each other in some way, not just as specific upgrades but as awesome combos too. As much as its fun to see you’re main ability get stronger , In my experience Having types able to do many unique combos feels way better to the player and good for your own creativity. Think Side-grades not just Upgrades

Theme is really important, I cant take 100% credit for these types because alot of it comes from me looking at something that already exists and translating it into table top. Try picking classes from other systems or character tropes from your favorite movies and shows. Even a favorite species like a fairy or werewolf can be types. This can help you with coming up with fun ideas and practice theming, learning what to cut and what to keep in the Type.

If you can, work with and get advice from others. Theres so many creative people in this forums that will be willing to give tips and ideas, and honestly I have friends who aren’t even deep in the hobby giving me ideas too. having another voice besides your own giving input and ideas is a great boon to the process

finally just remember its all for fun, Make them powerful, make them weak, make them weird. its all for fun and enjoyment so the most important question to ask at the end is “Does it feel Fun?”

I hope this loooong response helps at all, and please post any Types you make so i can see and play them too!


Thanks for the advice its actually quite helpful


also just one last note, Time and practice are big factors. When i first entered the hobby back in 2019, i wasn’t able to get in on games like that irl (i was very internet shy too). But there was a campaign I had wanted to run, a Final Fantasy Campaign. I spent two years and and 1000+ hours learning rules, mechanics, the video games and just drafting , then playtesting , then remaking a long list of classes. Through out making it, i was constantly upset and Unsatisfied with what I made. Its still nowhere near perfect and is honestly a bit messy but man is it my pride and joy. It gave me tons of experiences and an awesome first ever complete campaign( lasted 6 Months!)
After that I just constantly came up with new ideas and took advantage of ICRPGS Rules and lack of to make my own. So Time and Practice was definitely a huge factor In my ability to confidently create and post my Homebrews.


I’m just working off of 7 years with D&D and the ability to break down game systems relatively quickly. but the advice of others defiantly helps and i can see lots of what you said in the homebrew above. i have been watching ICRPG on and off for years but only just got into it


do you mind if i send you a rough draft of a homebrew once i make one


“Just 7 years” Man you’ll be good :smile: I Have 1 1/2 years from D&D. its Great Creating stuff in icrpg because it has just enough rulings to make the game fun and interesting, but also that lack of rulings gives you quite bit of freedom of what happens at your table.


totally please do. Id love to see it


ive already finished the map for my game setting im still working on spells, classes and other stuff lol


Excellent Belmont :slight_smile: Reads well put-together and fun.


Sorry to butt in to this side-thread, but I just wanted to say that you should feel encouraged to post your homebrew drafts directly on this forum for everyone (if you want, of course): it’s full of curious and helpful people. I’m relative new to the system and new to this community too, and it’s been probably the most positive I’ve seen. There’s probably more people interested in your (new) ideas; I for one am always looking forward to seeing all the different things posted here.


I’m making around 7 so I’m sure i can if that’s good, I’d release them all but their part of a campaign setting I’m developing with the potential of plenty of adventures to release for it


I support that there two @M1rage, @FenhornMoonscribe. There’s so many experienced and knowledgeable players. dm’s, and creators here that can give varying points of views, tips and advice. So share your works and ask questions. Everyone enjoys and takes inspiration from each others works and endeavors!



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