HP tracker


I have been playing with the idea of a HP tracker for my players. I use red beads but wanted to try something different. I glued a few DollarTree jenga blocks together and this is what I came up with.


Thats a good idea. Reminds me of a flip toy I saw as a kid. It was something like this. Matter of fact some one could probably make or buy one of these and have an HP tracker dice tray all in one.


Yeah. That’s cool! Have you seen Hanks videos for rolling boxes? I might have to do some more tinkering.


I haven’t seen that video. I’ll look it up.


Found it.


This what I was thinking of.


This game is called Shut The Box, by the way, for you guys who might want to look it up! :smiley:


Looks good. I ended up printing stackable hearts for the kids game. I’ll look for some photos and start a new post with it. But I love the idea you have and incorporating it with a dice tray.


I’d like to see that. I am co-owner of a 3D printer at work.


THAT IS BRILLIANT! I know I have one laying around somewhere, so now I’ll be on the hunt. I see these at garage sales all the time too. I see its a duluth trading company, are you from the area or just an image you found? I live right by duluth


Just an image I found. I’m closer to Denver. Otherwise I’d totally have you over for a game.



I love this! DIY at its best!