How do you view other D&D communities?


How do you view other groups in the tabletop RPG community for example those who play D&D 5e or the OSR community? Also how do you view new members to the RPG community and people who haven’t played at all? Do you think the more people the better for the shield wall or do you prefer a smaller size?

I am working on a research project about the tabletop roleplaying game community so your honest response would be much appreciated! I have been a member of the shield wall for a while and am really interested in your responses.


I can give at least a quick response. 1. I view all communities equally, yes some may have a “my game vs your game” mentality, but I just enjoy that they’re into TTRPG’s regardless of game system. 2. I LOVE new members, I can see they are nervous about jumping in but so excited to finally try the thing they have secretly always wanted to do and it’s a marvelous feeling for myself to see their faces after their first game. People who haven’t played at all, I feel a little sorry for because there is something is TTRPG’s for everyone, they just need to find what it is that they are looking to get out of it. 3. Quantity vs Quality is present in all situations, but in ICRPG I see more=better. The community here seems mostly positive and thrives on new ideas and creativity and encourages it as well! Also, the more we can support Hank, the more great ideas and content we get straight from the creator. Hope this helps a little, just wanted to get the ball rolling.


I suspect there are many players of certain systems that only want to play that one game and see other games as maybe less than. GM’s though I think will be much more open to anything. There is so many great ideas out there in different communities you would be silly to wall yourself off.

Seeing as ICRPG started off as Hank hacking rules for his own d&d 5e games it would be silly to be hating on 5e

There is just so much overlap, we are more the same than different.

As for individuals, this is a great community so more the merrier.


The more people the better for the shield wall!

I have a personal disdain for the term “OSR,” because I think it’s conceited to try to put a label on a style of play, especially one that isn’t susceptible to a precise definition, because it feels like it lends itself to an exclusionary vibe. So, that being said, let’s just remove all labels and unite under one banner of Tabletop Gamers!

But the bottom line is this: however you like to play, you are welcome here.


Thank you Alex, well said.


I do like describing the game and system, but labeling Gamer communities???

Rules lite, rules heavy, D&D, standard D20, Pathfinder…Gurps, dice pools, progressive dice…

I played Traveler, A crap load of systems and editions.

Through it all, the community is cool, some are inclusive, some are asshats. Some are people just letting off steam, others are people trying to show how cool they are. For the most part whenever I move I find gaming buddies first.

My only question is if you played something other than the first game And genre you started on.

We are in a golden era of our hobby. A weekly gaming table is talked about in major publications. And more people are playing than ever.

I don’t care if you are a 10 time champion GM of the high order of AD&D second edition…are you an asshat at my table, or are you taking me out of my suspension of disbelief? Or are you adding to my enjoyment of the table?
So if You are an asshat you are my problem, not the entire group or community of people who play that game.

I hope people judge me for me, not the community I am in for my actions.


I think its kind of the same. There are groups that like their system be it 3.5 or 5e or what ever. Those groups are inclusive though. Even if they really like an individual system most will say this is every thing I love about this but you need to find what works for you and every table is different.

Part of what led me to ICRPG is that idea of finding what works for me. I play with my kids mainly and their pretty young so they need a simpler system. ICRPG is perfect for that. So is tiny dungeon from what I’ve seen. I’d like to try that one too. I think that sums up the community though. Its people finding a table that works for them or sharing what is working for them.

As a some what new player, I’ve been playing for a little over a year, I think the community has been very receptive. Theres no stigma to not knowing the rules right away. People are very happy to help. I think the more the better. Its fun and the more people you have the better chances of finding a table that works for you.


My friends and I bounces between D&D 5th Edition, Call of Cthulu 7th Edition, and ICRPG! We usually bounce between systems and campaigns depending on what we feel like playing. :slight_smile:

If I’ve learned anything from Hankerin, it’s that there are TONS of AMAZING games out there and each system is built to project a certain feel and game play efficiency. The biggest challenge and joy is to explore multiple systems and find awesome uses in your own game!


What I prefer running is probably closer to 5E than anthing else, although heavily homebrewed.

It’s all just D&D to me, really.

I steal concepts & inspiration from anywhere I find them.

“We take what we want and leave the rest, just like your salad bar.“ — Egg Shen