How Do *You* Re-Wild Your Imagination?



There are a lot of creative people on here, so I just wanted to say thanks to everybody for making RPGs even more cool!

I know I’ve been feeling the pull to the infinite scroll lately, and I thought all of you might appreciate Art-Sage Jake Parker’s latest video about how to ‘re-wild’ your imagination. To those of you who prefer words instead of pictures, I’m also sharing a link to the blog post that inspired the video here:

I’ve been needing inspiration for my new mecha campaign and the VDS hack I’ve been fiddling with myself, so I’ve hit the local library for some history and illustration books, dusted off the soundtracks to some 80’s anime, and been exploring some of the less frequented rpg blogs out there. What do you do when your inspiration feels dry?


Video game art books. The Book of Adria was pretty cool, StarCraft II had some cool designs, I’m sure there are more out there, I just don’t have the budget to buy them all!


Oh yeah! I’ve got the art book for Spider-verse in my room for late-night browsing right now and I’ve RSSed some twitters that post retro sf art


I’m a sucker for randomizers. Besides the cards put out by Hank, there’s Rory’s Story Cubes, the StoryPath cards on DTRPG, and don’t get me started on the small library of books of random tables available (I’ve limited myself to two…for now). When I need an Idea, I randomize some elements and let them ferment. overnight works best.


How do you RSS, by the way? I’m… very new to the concept and I can’t seem to find what I want!


You find an app or browser plugin you like and get it working. Then you add a website to it. When new content is added to the website, you’re sent a notification. I’m currently using the EasyRSS extension for Firefox.

Generally what you want is simplicity, good support if something goes wrong, and trust that the providers of the feed won’t try anything. Basically every browser has a list of extensions that work for it.

I use RSS so I can download RH’s backlog of Patreon podcasts and follow a few different blogs and art accounts without having to bother with accounts on multiple platforms.


You’re going to have to elaborate, sorry! I am so new to this. XP

  • Simplicity? What features do I mostly need?
  • Trust the providers of the feed won’t try anything… now you’re scaring me!
  • How do I get it working?


Sorry I wrote that reply just before bed and I was a little too terse.

  • The only features you really need is the basic RSS stuff (adding websites, recieving notifications, managing websites you’ve added) and to control how often you get notified. Anything else is just extra.
  • I didn’t mean that there’s anything to worry about, but downloading any software has risks. You want to make sure the RSS you get is trusted so you don’t download malware, just like you might for any app.
  • I’m not as knowledgeable about RSS as I’d like to be, but you can find more thorough advice than mine else where.

Thanks for being interested, RSS feeds are a little complicated but they are a great way to keep up to date with what you’re following without having to maintain more web accounts than you need.


Ah, understood, thank you very much for your reply! I’m just making sure I understand well!

When I need to examine apps and programs, I use