How do I know which World an adventure is set in ?



TTRPG beginner here : I bought the Master Edition 12 hours ago and after reading the rules and GM section, I went on to the “Adventures” file and bought the one recommended for beginners : The last voyage of Finigan’s pride !

Very excited to run this game for my friends, but one dumb question kept coming back to me : Which type of characters will I ask them to create for [insert adventure’s name] ?

Do you usually find the closest of the five Worlds presented in the core book and use the characters’ life form / types from these sections ?

Thanks a lot, and sorry if this is a dumb question : i want to make things right for my first session :smile:


Some of them will be easy to determine which setting they are meant for after reading the bullet points and looking over the maps and loot. But an argument could be made for a few of them that they could be run in any setting.

Are there specific adventures that you are looking to run or want pointers on?


Thanks for your answer. I want to run The Last Voyage of Finigan’s Pride ! I thought of using the Ghost mountain characters but I’m not too sure.


The Last Voyage of Finigan’s Pride reminds me of the OSE-adventure The Isle of the Plangent Mage and gives me definitive fantasy-vibes with a little bit of Lovecraft and that Hellboy-story Into the Silent Sea from Strange Places. So, I’d say go for Alfheim-bioforms and types or more broadly fantasy-type characters.

There’s also a sci-fi/Warp Shell-version called The Last Flight of the Red Sword as part of the adventure anthology that you can find somewhere on the forums.


So I ran Finigan’s Pride in Alfhime, but I could definitely see Ghost Mountain Types and Bio forms with this adventure. I could also see a group using the types from “Beneath the Door” given the Cosmic Horror nature of the Monolith.

[Edit] The only change I would make when using the “Beneath the Door” Adventure Types is the sanity Mechanic. Any time the Player Characters would make a Con Save vs the Monolith’s effects I would also require a Sanity Save on any failed Con Save. This two-fold approach would mean as sanity 0 the character becomes a thrall to the monolith in both body and mind.