How do bleed and DEF interact?




I just played through ICEBANE - HEX2. Super fun little adventure! Sadly Grimligg did not make it, as he succumbed to the Smash-Landing of Assurian. But he was avenged by Jormund and his Crew who made it out and even recovered ICEBANE!

During the Adventure I couldn’t quite make sense of the interaction between Bleed and Def.

Grimligg has: Curved Sword D8, Inflicts Bleed on every hit.
I used it against a Tundra Hunter (HP: 3, DEF: 6).

So how does this work when the Curved Sword Roll D8 is lower than 6? Does Bleed nothing because no Damage was done? At least that is how I then ruled it. But it also means that then Bleed would only ever do 1 or 2 damage, because only on a roll of 7 or 8 would Grimligg even damage the Tundra Hunter.

What is your opinion on this?

Thank you!

  • Brockwell


Reading Bleed, it says “After inflicting damage” so I think you played it correct. That curved sword just isn’t too effective against that Tundra Hunter.