How are y'all streaming music in the Runehammer VTT?



So I’ve read the FAQ and feature guide and I understand it’s as simple as dragging and dropping in an .mp3.

But where are ye getting the your .mp3s from?

I mainly use Spotify for music and making playlists but, as far as I’m aware, spotify doesn’t mesh with the VTT. I’m not complaining or anything though, it’s a cool VTT and I’m excited to try it! I inagine a lot of hard work is gone into it! But I’m also not exactly ready to invest and purchase .mp3s of all the songs on all of my playlists. I also don’t want to pirate music either!

So I’m just curious as to where you’re getting your music from? Has anyone got any suggestions for me on how to get around this issue? All I want to do is make some custom music playlist (preferably at minimal cost) and have them playing in the background.

Peace. :v:


I like videogame soundtracks. Castlevania, diablo, darkest dungeon, ect. They are relatively inexpensive as well.


I have to second @MattSlaton’s suggestion. Just bite the bullet on Amazon and grab the Witcher video game soundtrack. You’ll be good to go.


I mean… downloading videos as mp3 from YouTube is not hard to do, many sites do it in fact. That is my main source of mp3 music.

(“But Berger, it’s just $1/2/3/4…” - it might be, if you receive your paycheck in dollars. Those numbers get some multipliers coming to my currency.)


I do that too.

Sword Coast Soundscapes is a favorite.


Thanks for the advice guys! I’ll have a look into some of these options. I wasn’t aware that a Amazon let you download your .mp3s either, so I might see what kind of money I’d be looking at to put together a playlist of particular songs I like. :+1: If not, YouTube downloads might be the way to go.