Homebrew Index Cards


Hey guys,

A couple of weeks ago, I was looking for very specific index cards that could be used in my Blood & Snow Oneshot. Because I didn’t find something suitable, I drew them on my own using a simple flipchart marker and some white index cards.

Today I was again looking for index cards for my campaign’s next adventure and again I was missing a couple of things. Guess what … ^^

Here you can find all my homebrew index cards (scanned and pasted into Hank’s Index Card Layout):

Hope that’s useful. And here’s an example:



thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Hello there !

Old role-player but new to the ICRPG community, I’m toying around to create some index cards for my campaign, so here’s the first one.
For now, it’s just a single monster printable on an A6 index card (105 x 148mm). The idea is to fold it and show the picture to the player while you’ve got all infos on the gm side. Any comment welcome. Thank you !
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Hello !

There is another one… if others come up, I’ll regroup them !
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Hi, welcome to Runehammer! I’m a new… everything, basically. ICRPG is my first system. I just wanted to say I love the cards. Thanks so much for contributing!



Hello !
Thank you AxCrazy !

well here’s the third one of my campaign menagerie :slight_smile: trying to improve my style :blush:


Hello there !

Just a small thing I thought that can help. Index card “rules” series :slight_smile:

and another one, for “half mook” … just a small challenge for players in a hurry… well use it as you see fit :slight_smile:


Hello there !

Here are three NPC’s for my new soon to come campaign :slight_smile: if they are of any use, feel free ! :slight_smile: