High "Level" ICRPG



Currently, I am binge-watching everything that B.Dave Walters does. B. Dave Walters is, among other things, known for running D&D Level 20-oneshots to raise money for charity.
And I must confess: there is a part of me that really likes the idea of playing D&D at level 20. I also know though that there are a lot of moving parts and combat will probably take forever. I also know that my command over D&D-rules is average at best. But the idea of high-level play got me thinking: what would the ICRPG-equivalent to high-level play be and how would you go about running a “Level 20”-ICRPG-Oneshot? Any thoughts?


I’d take a look at Altered State, on pg 38 there is a nice chart which equates levels (1-10) with various Loot/Awards/Milestones


Just spitballing here but give each character:

12 points in Stats


Milestone Paths: 2 Each of Tier 1, 2, 3 and 1 Tier 4

3 Milestones

2 Rolls of Ancient Loot

1 Roll of Epic Loot

Standard Starting Loot

Run it like any other one-shot except ramp the monsters into the 3-4 tier area


Run Vigilante City and just re-skin it to feel like fantasy.


@CLOAK You have a nice simple way of handling this problem don’t you?


The Vigilante City angle is one I’ve thought about,and it seems like an easy way to bump up the power level by giving a standard character one super power or the like.


I have played an epic level character from the Magic book. My character creation was game-breaking. In essence, Hank’s guidance was, “make the most badass mage you can, the sky is the limit.” My character, Zeke, had 20 points in stats, 5 pieces of the Magic starting mage loot, 12 pieces of milestones and epic loot, 13 spells of my choice, and several tags. I could have chosen more, but I was running out of room to write stuff in a two page spread in my journal. Lol. In our Council game, Zeke was paired with four other ridiculously statted mages, including Joe’s council mage, Hinar, and Kelsey’s council mage, Ingara.

Trust me when I say, Hank had no trouble challenging us. We all still nearly died. It literally came down to the last turn, and I just happened to beat an 18 target to create a spell and delay the room timer for one round so everyone could escape.


I’m not a big fan of level 20 games and I tend to be bad at running them. But try adding Fray Effort to your games to make your players feel mighty! :muscle:

You can see my custom Effort Array here and read how Fray Effort works here.

God speid! Roll fun! o7