Hextiles for Exploration



So I bought the Isle of Dread on Ebay. I absolutely love that module but now that I caught the crafting bug, I was thinking of ways of making wilderness and exploration more tangible and immersive. I was playing Catan with my kids, one thing led to another and…


Great Minds think alike! … I had the same idea a few months ago when I stumbled upon the battle rules for Catan… and so I have morphed it into a ICRPG Hex Crawl style/game idea… using my new 3d printer, I plan on making these: HEXTON HILLS


Here is a link to the Kickstarter that has much more info on the hexes…


Mix this with the Hexflower Cookbook by the Goblin Henchman for additional mechanics! :grin:


This is just excellent. My only suggestion would be to glue some kind of thumbtacks to the bases and put them on a big foamcore/corkboard thing so somebody bumping them or the cat jumping up doesn’t destroy your entire awesome Westmarch style worldmap.


That is incredible. The 3D really makes it pop.


They are resin printed hex tiles… a friend and I are printing them for our home game.