Hero Coin STL!



Hi all, with Hankerin’s Permission I am releasing a hero coin using his logo and the magic circle!

You can check it out in 3D and download it for free here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2956584

I was also interested in making coins with other section headers IE the character circle logo in the core book, or the monster header logo.

Let me know somewhere what other coins you’d be interested in!


This is so cool. Wish I had 3D printer. But, definitely do one with the wizard’s lock sigil.


Yep. This just leap frogged it’s way to the top of my print Queue. Fantastic job! Yes please on the wizard lock. :herocoin:


You beat me to it. Well done. :+1:


Try taking a look at the other side! :wink:

Rune Hammer Logo/Wizard Lock are on all of those coin versions.


Guessing you noticed the wizard lock ya?

How’d your print turn out?


Ah sweet! Couldn’t figure out how to do the fancy looky-loo on mobile. But, the coin looks sweet. I’m not real familiar with how 3D printing is done, but are there options for places to print things on order?


Shapeways and 3D Hubs are two of the bigger ones that also offer metal material. I beleive there are cheaper ones out there as well though.

Here’s an article listing a ton: all3dp “34 Best Online 3D Printing Services in 2019”


@ PandorasHobbies It took 3 try’s but I finally got one to print out successfully, I had to add a brim. It kept separating from the print bed. Yes the wizard lock is dope. I am going to keep playing around with it and see if I can make some adjustments to get it to print better. I will print a batch of them at that point.


My best prints were with the two variants without holes, printing them vertically with a raft. Best of luck!


Nice work! It is always nice to have something to give your players when they do something worthy. When running 5e, I would give a d6 inspiration when players would role play well. They definitely enjoyed it not when I handed them a die as opposed to just saying it and they made a mark on their sheet.

I will definitely be making some of these. I have an FDM printer, but would love to get some of these on a resin printer.


Thank you so much for the STL. I printed two of these and painted them. I’ll certainly use them in my games!