Help with tags?



Can someone explain their uses of tags? That’s one of the few parts of this and most systems that doesn’t seem to click for me.


for me tags are a quick way to assign mechanics to an item

A Large, High tech, Alien rifle is going to look and function differently than non-Alien version … heck I will make any rolls hard for the Alien rifle until the PC gets used to it and definitely would make repairing it extremely difficult


TAGS are used to easily add small mechanics to anything you want: LOOT, monsters, NPCs, characters…. You name it.

There are two kinds of TAGS in ICRPG: the ones that consist of only one or a couple of words, and the others which already have mechanical descriptions.

TAGS without any descriptions are just helpful keywords intended for the GM to attach one or more mechanical rules as he sees fit. This way any GM can take any TAG and make it his own, according to the setting and other concerns.

TAGS with mechanical descriptions are, well, exactly what they sound like. The GM uses them directly (if he likes them).

An example TAG without a description:
If you want to use this TAG, you need to attach something to it or you can rule on the fly if such a need arises.

The same TAG with a description:
BULKY: This item cannot be carried around on person with a STR less than 3.”


Thanks y’all. That helps.


To me a Tag is an inherent ability in a thing and something that enhances or portrays it.


A Tag is just a way to combine a narrative truth to a mechanical effect.


I was in the same boat when I jumped into ICRPG boat. “What’s this Tag noise all about?!”
But after I got to making monsters, legendary equipment, and scads of NPCs I realized how powerful a tool they are narratively.
Also mechanically though! You can quickly refer to an enemy’s vulnerability or resistance, range of weapons and attacks, and so much more.
I’m a huge fan of tying mechanics and narrative, so I try to use tags and mechanics as a way to facilitate that. :slight_smile:


A character TAG to me is a trait that isn’t bound to any loot. It’s something that character has (negative or positive)

The blood and snow supplement I believe was the first book to introduce character tags

Wise - Aid any other character on a WIS or INT roll to make it EASY
Fear of Spiders - Attempts are HARD when dealing with spiders.


I’ve got Blood and Snow, I’ll need to read through it again.


I was just litetally in the same headspace today and this helped tremendously!


I asked the same question a while back. “Tag” didn’t make sense to me in this context.

I was used to “Skill, Talent, Attribute”…etc.


are tags used/explained anywhere else? or just in blood and snow.


Now that you mention it, think blood and snow is the only one RUNEHAMMER published with character tags, i dont see them in magic or vigilante city. EDIT (this is incorrect, they just aren’t called TAGS)

They are pretty straight forward tho and pretty easy to customize your own.

Your a ranger? Make up like a tracker tag that makes tracking or scouting based rolls EASY or +3.

Your a doctor? Medicine related rolls are EASY

Woodworker? Building something out of wood is EASY

Stuff like that


A Kind is basically a Tag in MAGIC :wink:


How does that work @GMagnus? I’ve skimmed MAGIC, so I"m not 100% familiar with how those work.


Your right! They exist in other forms just not called TAGS.

I just pulled up the PDFS and did a word search for tags and came up short. Good catch there @GMagnus.

In ICRPG Magic, mage kinds effect how mages cast magic. Like Pyromancers get a bonus effect to fire spells.

in Vigilante City in the Heroes section there are about 3 tags per class that alter how their abilities and how the world interacts with the heroes.

The ICRPG Magic and Vigilante City books are worth the $$$ lots of good resources in them.


Yea I have pretty much everything for it so far. I’ve gone so extra with this system. I really love it. :slight_smile:


In MAGIC (and also in my book), Mage Kinds and Mage Classes are actually TAGS.


I’m seeing that now, pg. 6 of MAGIC says plainly that they are tags.


As you can see, TAGS can be anything you want.