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It counts as two of their moment pool. Diagonal left is just just one move to the left, one move up, leaving one square of movement pool left. If they want to move two diagonal they will have to burn their second action to do so ( this leaves a max of three diagonal movements for fully using two move actions). I wouldn’t get stuck on “diagonal” too much honestly especially for kids. I get the “realism” of it but my kids haven’t ever bucked it and they buck EVERYTHING.


Thanks so much, really helpful stuff!


Hahahahaha. Understandable. I would make the same call.

Good plan on the zoomed in maps.

As for diagonals, I would just allow diagonal movement. :smiley:


Sure! Keep posting more, we’re all really happy for you! :smiley:


Oh man! I’m leaving for a 4 day camping trip tomorrow. I’ll post more maps/story after I’m back!


Awesome! Have a good camping trip and take care! :smiley:


The campaign, part 2.

My youngest daughter informed me she was tired of fighting goblins, so the king sent them south to:

The Farm - where they fought off a giant spider invasion. Following the spiders trail, they headed east and found:

The giant spiders nest. After my son got stuck on the web bridge, they built a catapult and launched poisoned food to kill them! This is also where they met a wizard who sent them on a fetch quest (5 bat wings to make a bat repellent potion for his tower) in exchange for magic potions.

Directly north:

they were at a tournament & watched as the Prince was kidnapped by the Shadow. The players gave chase into:

The Mushroom Tunnels where the Mushroom Farmer (sculpted by my partner!) helped them find the Prince.
The Shadow escaped & required another quest to trap him. How did my kids decide to trap him? By buying a horse, making it look like a unicorn and using it as bait while they hid in the bushes!

This weekend they’ll be headed to:

The Fishing Village to deal with some sea monsters who come out at night.

My partner & I are currently designing the castle alluded to in two of the previous maps. After that, there’s plans for 4 more maps. That will bring the total to 12 maps (13 with the tunnels) all arranged in a massive rectangle!


Fantastic! I hope that wizard will play a role in the future! And perhaps the goblins have learned their lessons and there is a potential for an alliance with them in the future? :smiley:

What are your plans? Do you know what the sea monsters will look like?

And now that they have explored the overworld… perhaps its time they explored the underworld? The shadow-world? The mirrorworld? :grin:


Fellow Heroica nerd here… Literally just built the Fortaan set :smiley: (again!)


Let me tell you about the wizard & how magic works in my world.

“Hello! I am the Magical Snowman Merchant. Want to buy a potion?”

The kids find "magic stones’ as they explore, defeat bad guys, etc. Once a player has three magic stones, the Snowman appears, says his line and sells them a potion. All potions are one time use.

Some potions have defined effects; healing, speed, crit, etc. But most have no predefined effect, this encourages them to be creative. The rule is, the magic has to be tied to the appearance of the potion. A fire ball can come out of a red potion but not a blue one. In order to turn invisible you would need a clear potion. Want to grow tangle vines to trap someone? Green potion.

So, he’s definitely a part of the story & is frequently interacted with. Magic has easy to understand boundaries (thematically tied to color & use once) and feels fun/special without solving all their problems.


For awhile I struggled with being limited, in both Story Characters & bad guys, by what Lego microfigures I had. Then I created Exploration Markers.

Icon on one side, “?” on the other. I place them “?” side up on the map & reveal what’s beneath when someone gets close. This got them used to the idea that the :speech_balloon: represented someone to talk to who wasn’t a literal Lego figure.

This allowed me to start using NPC cards to represent Story Characters.

This weekend will be my first time trying out non-lego bad guys. The sea monsters will have a place holder icon on the map while I display their picture via a propped up Kindle tablet.

Here’s who I’m using:

If this works, it’ll be huge for expanding who can be in the world!!

Future plans include the main castle, a harbor, a quarry of some sort and a barbarian village.


That is a clever way to do magic! Did you meet some difficulties with some of the effects? And did you get some unexpected uses out of them? :slight_smile:

And those icons look great, how did you make them?


This is all brilliant: the maps, the magic merchant, the exploration system! I just needed to comment to see this in my “new” feed, because your campaign rocks.


The magic potion use that caught me most off guard was when they decided that a green potion could make you look like a goblin, that way they could sneak into the stronghold. It ended up being lots of fun for role playing; they had to talk to various goblins, pass a sniff test from a wolf & ultimately tricked the goblin general into telling them his plan! They were then able to sneak out, report to the Guard Captain & thwart the goblins plans!

The icons are cut out hexes, many of which my kids drew, and then laminated with a photo laminating pouch. Like $5 from Walmart. They super enjoy flipping over a marker & having it be something they drew!

Thanks so much!!