Help me brainstorm some ideas for a Star Wars game!



Hello fellow lumpy heads! My usual suspects have just summoned me from my GMing slumber to run a small Star Wars campaign and I need YOUR help to get my creative juices flowing!

My intention is to run the game during the fall of the republic/rise of the empire era, porbably including some jedi outcasts being hunted and maybe some rebel clone action during the transition from Republic to Empire.

Please feel free to hit me with resources, media, theories, ideas, or whatever you think can help me think about a good premise for the game. Session 0 is on the way still but I do need something to throw at my players during their char creation.

Thanks in advance. Cheers!

P.D: I’m also going to be play-testing some mechanics from the Index Card World (PbtA Hack) Thread, and hopefully update those too!


I’ve got these youtube channels you might enjoy, if only for inspiration!

The Templin institute investigate alternate worlds from the point of view of a mysterious, 4th wall-y organisation. They’re pretty cool: they’ve got some Star Wars videos, but what you might want to check out is their Stellaris Invicta series where they have a narrative playthrough of Stellaris through factions they made up. It’s pretty dramatic, a bit repetitive, but they made some great videos and their narrator will be forever missed…

Star Wars Theory: they talk a lot about Star Wars! Haha!

EckhartsLadder is pretty cool too. It’s been a while since I’ve watched him but I consider him a good source of information.

Spacedock is just for fans of spaceships and vessels like I am. They’ve got their own setting they’ve built but I did not follow it closely.

Good luck, have fun! :v:


Totally ripping off Rogue One/A New Hope but if its a short campaign how about the players are smugglers/rebels or whatever and are trying to get prescious cargo from point A to point B, and then run the game like the video game FTL;

They travel through the galaxy, chased by an enemy fleet. They will get to stop on random worlds or have space encounters, but If they take too long in one area the enemy manages to catch up and Darth Vader and a bunch of storm troopers board the ship.

You get tension, a time limit, random encounters, and a bunch of mini adventures along the way!



Some random ideas to get your juices flowing…

  • The abandoned secret droid factories have been reclaimed by the… droids. Who are creating a secret society?? “We just want to function in peace”
  • Events on republic planets during the transition for some star wars themed fascist political take-over (riots/chaos/improsonment of intelectuals/etc)
  • Smuggler hired to smuggle out would-be political prisoners to the outer-rim. You usually stick to illicit goods and avoid the Empire… but they offered a price too good to pass up
  • Smuggler hired to go INTO the Empire and smuggle someone/something back out… “Are you crazy?”
  • Save the jedi youngling, last survivor from the temple… “but I’m just the janitor!?”
  • Last defence of planet X (eg. Courasan) that dare defy the Empire’s authority (doomed to loose, save Y and escape - might be a good campaign starter)
  • Power grabs in the outer-rim. The vast power change in the centre is causing major power shifts amongst the Huts… spice just got way more valuable.
  • Your criminals… long term in-mates in max-security Republican prison… But in the chaos of the Empire’s take-over you spot your chance to escape!


the following sites have good SW campaign generators.


There is a 5e conversion for Star Wars you could probably get some inspiration from.


Hail @Nimlouth. I too have been asked to run a Star Wars game for my group. Where did you find the paper miniatures if I might ask?


Here! I also arranged the downloads in a convenient drive folder



can not open files, why not?


Hey! I actually have no idea. You can always download them from the blog I guess :c


Will your campaign be similar to like a WARP SHELL ICRPG rules flavor, or more like the old STARWARS RPG game of old? Also, would love to join in if you guys run it through ZOOM or Discord since I live way out west in the desert dunes of Tatooine.


@Feylock The Star Wars paper minis are from Khairul Hisham. He has tons of ‘em over on his blog. Kairul has been running Star Wars adventures since the first Star Wars RPG from West End Games.