Hearts and Potions for kids game


So DMchef put up a cool post about his health tracker. I mentioned that I 3D printed some stackable hearts and ooffered to put up some pictures. I also printed some potion bottles. This makes it a bit more tangible for my kids when they play ICRPG. This also helps when they smudge their hearts marked in whiteboard marker, so I could never know for certain what their count was. I am also thinking of making replicas of everything in their backpack, so they can look at the items to come up with ingenious ways of using them.

Hopefully I am allowed to put links to Thingiverse?




I like it! Thanks for the link. I have a spool of filament waiting…


Awesome work! I love the idea of printing items for them to see what they have. I am a design novice, but I will try my hand at designing a few items and post them here.

What did you use to design the hearts and bottles? I can wrap my head around design in tinkerCAD, but it is fairly limited in what I can make. Fusion360 makes my head spin.


@DrunkMosquitos I cant take any credit for designing these. My artistic/crafting skills stop once I get to 3d printing. But my google-fu is pretty good when it comes to Thingiverse.

I just found it really helped to have something either visual or tangible for the kids games. I have pinched jpegs from a Google search and printed them out to be cards for what equipment the kids have. This makes it interesting when I drop a heap of cards on the table when they go to loot something. Their backpacks are represented by a sheet that holds collector cards. So they have a finite space, so it’s interesting seeing which items they take and which they leave. Then later I will give them the description of what the items can do. So they don’t automatically know which are “magic” items.


I dig it. That is a really cool way to keep track of the limited inventory space that they get.


Also, try edibles for the monsters. For example, Grapes/raisins/nuts etc. Put down M&Ms for the big end of level boss


@Kreeba I like it, I will have to try that. But knowing my kids, they will want to fight everything lol. Maybe I use M&M’s as the gems that they loot.


The other thing I do is give them in game gold and items as real world rewards. Tidy their room, 10 gold. Costs me nothing