Have any classic D&D settings been created for ICRPG



Brand new ICRPG DM here…just bought the hardback, super excited, LOVE THE SYSTEM… just maybe not totally in love with the fantasy settings provided. Alfheim is close but I really would love a classic/typical Savage Coast, Forgotten Realms kind of feel.

Has anyone made anything like this? I know it probably wouldnt be hard just making my own but Im a little intimidated about the finer class race options.



Don’t know of any detailed Sword Coast conversion, but I think it’s probably less work than you think. If you have a bunch of Forgotten Realms books, but use them. You don’t even have to make rules for the many variant bioforms unless a player wants to play one, and then you can work out what would be reasonable.


Do you own the Master Edition book of ICRPG? If not, get WORLDS because it is a fantastic addition to your arsenal as a GM: I create most campaigns with a write-up similar to any WORLDS region. I do add the category Past to Present in which I make a bulleted list of events that led to the current situation in the world.

As for bioforms & classes, pick six of each and let the players mix & match!

Do you have more specific questions? I’d be happy to help!


I have played straight from both of the dnd starter sets and Keep on the borderlands with great success.

It really is pretty frictionless to wing it at the table with ICRPG. Once you have a command of the system at least.


Thanks guys! I did just buy the master edition and after re-looking at the pdf and listening to what you have said… I can probably just sub in a couple of the races and just go with the Alfheim set of forms and classes.

Thanks so much!


Let us know how it goes!


Honestly I think you could run Sword Coast/Forgotten realms with literally zero changes. The world itself does not need mechanics. You could pick up the 5e Sword Coast book and use it to run a great ICRPG game!

As for actually porting over races, monsters, even classes, I don’t think it would be too hard. Just discuss it as a group and go with your gut!


wow loving the support so far!


I spent an hour or two prepping from classic module Tomb of the Lizard King and ran it over two sessions. Conversion to ICRPG is ridiculously easy. The only reason it took me two hours was because I was having fun and didn’t want to stop.


I’m keeping an eye on this for a Dark Sun conversion if anyone made one. Not thinking any of these would be particularly hard considering it’s a lite version of it, but you know. Any work i can save.


No need to wait! There’s a setting for 5e that is similar enough to Dark Sun called Crifoth and it happens to not be too costy! Did you know that Runehammer was an artist for this book? :smirk: