Has anyone tried XDZ solo on Roll20?



I picked up XDZ today and I am excited to do some solo games to get familiar with how it works. I’m curious if anyone has tried setting this game on Roll20 for solo play. I think it may be a good way for me to dig into the game without printing and cutting and will potentially set me up for actually running a game of it in the future. Just seeing what you good folks think of this.


I have thought of running it in roll20 But haven’t as of yet.

I can’t see any reason solo would be a problem.

If we could ever find a suitable time I’d happily play test with you.


@Abodi That would be awesome!


Awesome idea.

Related . . . I def think Roll20 could be used for all kinds of miniatures games, PvP or solo if said game allows.


Im gmt+10 if you can find a time the would work for you.


Love it. I would totally run it solo on Roll20!!!


Yeah, come to think of it Roll20 would work well for this and perhaps some board games too. I think since XDZ has a boardgames AI it will be a good chance to test it out.


I’m EST (US), so I guess it would be close to GMT -5. Err, I’m going to have to do some calculations here. 7-8 pm my time on a weekend is ideal so that would put you at 10-11 am the next day I think. So maybe a Friday or Saturday night my time or conversely Saturday or Sunday morning for you?


I’m also EST if you need anyone else.


I’ve uploaded the maps intending to do this but haven’t gotten around to playing it yet.


Most XDZ games seem to end up solo by the end…


Cool, you will be kept in the loop as things progress!