Has anyone out there made superhero LOOT tables?



I’m putting together a d100 superhero loot table for Vigelante city. Has anyone else already done this?
(Inspiration: Marvel, My Hero Academia, The Reckoners, The Incredibles, The Boys, One Punch Man, etc)

I realize most Sci Fi loot can also work, but I want some specific stuff from superhero stories.

ALSO I’m thinking about making another Shabby/regular loot table for more modern settings rather than fantasy.


I’ve never seen one. This is an epic idea.


I’ll post it here when I’m done making it. I realize a lot of sci fi loot is compatible so I’ll try not to duplicate. What’s REALLY fun to me is that the Icrpg Magic spells list is super compatible for gadgets and extra Powers so I’ll be using that a bit too.


I had started a spin off version of My Hero Academia, but honestly didn’t get far enough to make a loot table LoL. I’d love to see one though when you’re done! Nice quest you’ve accepted!


I want to help!

You probably have most of these already, but here are 20 very vague ideas (none of which are original in the least):

  1. a power nullifying collar
  2. An unbreakable heat-proof shield
  3. precious tritium!
  4. oscillation overthruster - attach to a vehicle to allow passage through solid objects
  5. an encrypted thumb drive - what could be on it, and who could have put it there?
  6. A file folder full of evidence suggesting you aren’t who you thought you were
  7. A cylinder of luminescent goo
  8. A rock leaking black ooze
  9. an almost perfectly silent needle pistol
  10. a softball sized hovering silver orb
  11. a skull ring with amethyst eyes
  12. a damaged shard of an impossibly hi-tech circuit board
  13. a shard of ancient cuneiform tablet which seems to whisper as you reach for it
  14. A 4"x4" cube which contains limitless energy.
  15. A strange miniature city in a bottle.
  16. 1d6 shuriken sized devices which can either shrink an object to 1/10 its size, or increase its size by x10 for a TIMER.
  17. A chamber which can keep patients in suspended animation, regenerate lost tissue, or build synthetic clones.
  18. a miniature forge and 3d printer which can create 1d4 indestructible objects
  19. a jet pack and helmet
  20. a rude walking stick which, when the magic words are spoken, imbues the holder with fantastic power.


I’m gonna steal some of these, very good stuff.


Here’s my list! I used a lot of suggestions, and entries from Cursed Loot and Sci Fi Loot. Enjoy!

  1. Heart Stone: Add 1 HEART to your max
  2. Zero-Point Gauntlet: Item, Roll DEX to point at and control an object in space
  3. Shrink Ray: Item, Did someone make this in their garage? Make sure not to point it at yourself…
  4. Duranium Ore: This stuff is the strongest metal out there, only forgable by specialized smiths or mad scientists
  5. Duranium shield: Weapon, +2 DEF, an indestructible shield, only susceptible to duranium weapons. Can be thrown as a weapon.
  6. Psycher Serum: Food, Aggravates the Super Gene within, enhancing POWERS, but making them uncontrollable. 1d4 Rounds duration.
  7. Energy Bow: Weapon, Comes with 3 Trick Arrows. It never misses…almost. +1 DEX
  8. Collapse-Pole: Weapon, This metal staff can shrink to fit in a pocket and extend to FAR length
  9. Slingers: Item, Sling sticky strands, straight from your hands!
  10. Oscillation Overthruster: Item, Attach to a vehicle to allow passage through solid objects
  11. Encrypted Data Disc: What could be in it, and who could have put it there?
  12. Classified File: You aren’t supposed to see this. If this information is true, you aren’t who you thought you were…
  13. Jet Pack: Item, This thing really works!
  14. Mecha-Suit: Vehicle, A large, hyper-advanced suit that protects its user. Has 1 POWER and its own SP.
  15. Super Cycle: Vehicle, Compact motor bike, seats 2, foldable to 3 Gear slots.
  16. Super-Mobile: Vehicle, Super car with all the bells and whistles. Just don’t push the red button.
  17. Transformation Potion: Item, Become a hulking beast for 1d4 rounds
  18. Sonic Repulsors: Weapon, Use vibration to violently push away foes
  19. Sticky Suit: Gear, Use this to stick to walls and objects
  20. Temporal Dial: Item, You shouldn’t mess around with the timeline, but one time couldn’t hurt, right? Equipped with UNRAVEL, REPEAT, TIME WARP, or TEMPORAL HOLD spell (Icrpg Magic)
  21. Freeze Ray: Item, Let’s kick some ice!
  22. Brain Wiper: Item, Flash someone with this and erase 1 memory from their mind
  23. Power Glider: Vehicle, Fly freely, just don’t lose balance.
  24. Kill beads: Item, 3 metal balls that obey your command
  25. Laser Knife: Item, This little blade can cut through anything but duranium
  26. Disguise Kit: Item, A Suitcase that contains a high-tech disguise maker
  27. Boring Tool: Item, A highly efficient tool that uses vibration to dig through almost anything
  28. Medifoam: Item, 2 uses, Full HP heal, regen 3HP per round for 1d4 rounds
  29. Super Serum: Item, Roll a random new POWER
  30. Sexy Costume: Gear, You look good, real good. +1 CHA, roll CHA to charm subject for 1d4 rounds
  31. Net Trap: Item, Small device that wraps tendrils around subject after being triggered
  32. Phase Holder: Item, As long as you point this at a subject, they are prevented from phasing, blipping, or otherwise exiting our common reality
  33. Inanimator: Item, Imbue objects with life
  34. Portal Gun: Item, Create 2 portals on a surface within FAR range and pass between them
  35. Fling Ring: Item, Create 1 portal to anywhere you have been before
  36. Super Suit: Gear, +2 DEF, No nonsense, tailored just for you, and works with your unique powers
  37. Shabby Suit: Gear, +1 DEF, Kinda itchy. Rides up in the crotch a little bit, too.
  38. Magnificent Suit: Gear, +3 CHA, Pristine, colorful, with an illustrious flowing cape
  39. Plastic Gun: Weapon, Undetectable, non-magnetic
  40. Cybernetic Augment: Augment, Add an enhanced limb, or extra limb/device
  41. Team Ship: Vehicle: A flying fortress for your super-team
  42. Perfect Ear: Item, An extendable ear attachment. Roll WIS to hear surroundings in detail
  43. Magical Clothes: Gear, A sentient piece of clothing that can fly on its own. Command it to absorb an attack for an ally
  44. Duranium Hammer: Weapon, WPN effort +2, Indestructible. Returns when thrown.
  45. Nano Swarm: Item, 10,000 tiny machines penetrate small spaces, doing a tiny task
  46. Talisman of Prescience: Item, +1 WIS, Sense imminent danger.
  47. Mind Probe: Item, Stick an enemy to know their motives, HP, and their next actions with an INT roll
  48. Soul Sucker: Item, Drains 1d4 SP from subject
  49. Life Drainer: Item, Drains 1d4 HP from subject
  50. EMP Bomb: Weapon, Disables electronics within FAR range for 4 rounds in 4 rounds, or when triggered
  51. Symbiote: Gain bonuses and attributes of (Reptoid):
  52. Grapple Hook: Item, 100’ long cable that can pull you up. Add +10 STR when pulling
  53. Shield Projector: Item, Drop to emit a NEAR energy wall with 14 DEF and 2 HEARTS
  54. Sentry Turret: Item, Build with EFFORT, fires 2x per Round within FAR. 12 DEF, 2 Hearts
  55. Cyber Lenses: Item, Eye augments, +1 WIS. Only fail scouting or spotting on a 1
  56. Plasteel Helmet: Gear, +2 DEF, A tough-as-nails riot officer helmet. Ignore blinding or deafening
  57. Rask Omnitool: Item, Useful and versatile. Check/Attempts using tools are EASY
  58. Remote Unit: Item, Attach to any weapon or item to trigger its use up to 1 mile away
  59. Hack Bug: Item, Tiny stick-on module that decodes passwords or locked doors in 1 round
  60. Particle Grenade: Weapon, x3, Instant or 1 Round fuse. Explodes for ULTIMATE, NEAR
  61. Power Pill: Food, x3, After eating, move FAR 2x in one turn and take an action
  62. A.I. Module: Item, Portable personality that can perform INT, WIS, or CHA checks at a location
  63. Radioactive Ooze: Gain 1 minor biological mod (gills, fins, fur, claws)
  64. Stun Gun: Weapon, Target can roll CON to resist, or else STUNNED for 2 Rounds
  65. Lifegiver: WIS Ability, 1SP Give your life for another. Drop to 0 HP to raise DYING ally to full HP
  66. Freeze bomb: Weapon, freezing cloud NEAR, immobilize targets for 1d4 rounds
  67. Elemental Air: WIS Ability, 1SP Air Blast. Push with +5 STR
  68. Iron Palm: WIS Ability, 3SP, Your next 1d4 unarmed attacks are +3 Attempt, +Ultimate
  69. Telekinetic Module: Item, Move objects up to 5lb FAR range
  70. Sharpshooter’s Goggles: Gear, +1 DEF, +5 to attack damage when at FAR range
  71. Utility Arms: Gear, +2 DEF, compact hydraulic tentacles, STR checks are EASY, +3 Loot slots
  72. Mag Snare:
  73. Suppressor Foam:
  74. Sonic Nullifier:
  75. Dimensional Radiation: you are struck by a blast of other-worldly energy. Roll d8 on this table of extra dimensional realms and gain properties of that realm: Astral, Frostfall, Wood, Hell, Pyrus, Shifting Sands, Splinter
  76. Prophesy: INT ability, 1SP If TIMER is rolled, gain its meaning
  77. Crow’s Foot: Item, Nat 20 to put down. Covet the Crow’s Foot over all else, even allies
  78. Belt of Burdens: Trap, HARD STR to remove, a crushing weight, occupies 5 Loot slots
  79. Archimedes’ Sextant: Item, Analyze any tech device it aims at, making all checks against it EASY. Also acts as a universal GPS
  80. Blue Iron’s Gauntlet: Gear, Part of Blue Iron’s powersuit. Use micro missiles, lasers, and sonic pulses. Ammo/energy depletes. Recharges once per day.
  81. Cape of the Spectral Hand: Once belonged to the Spectral Hand. Grants vision of the spectral world and grants protection against ghosts and apparitions
  82. Air Thickener: Item, Thickens air to Jell-O. Choose NEAR-sized area to form mass
  83. Axe of the Rock God: Once wielded by Thunderstrum. Roll CHA to make ally’s next roll EASY
  84. Manual of the Exalted Buddha Fist: Item, In 4 Hearts of EFFORT, learn incredible martial arts skills
  85. Kevin’s Fantastic Ring: Item, WIS Power, Create anything you can imagine from the ring if you only have the faith. Uses SP
  86. Jelly Bean Launcher: Weapon, shoots explosive jellybeans. They have random effects when they explode
  87. Sock of Teleportation: Gear, A single enchanted sock that teleports you to a random location up to 10 miles away when worn
  88. Hypno-Hat: Gear, CHA Power, Control the minds of those you gaze at eye-to-eye. 1d4 Rounds.
  89. Quantum Camera: Item, Take a snapshot of a moment and play it back at will
  90. Infinity Cube: Item, Solve this Puzzle to alter one aspect of reality in the current scene. 1 Heart of EFFORT to solve.
  91. Nova Core: Item, Near boundless energy source, the possibilities are endless…if it can be controlled
  92. The Shifting Mask: Gear, magical mask, perfectly imitate appearance and voice of anyone you have met
  93. Time Bomb: Weapon, Slow-motion explosion that slows those caught in it’s creeping wake. Explosion reaches FAR, but takes 1d4 Rounds to get there
  94. Echo Gloves: Gear, Steal the life-force of those you touch, borrowing their Powers for 1d4 Rounds
  95. Frog Amulet: Item, When equipped, gain the aspects of a frog, and can only croak when speaking
  96. Ultra Ball: Item, A bowling ball-sized orb imbued with the spirit of someone long dead. Its momentum can only be stopped by the one who started its movement
  97. YOG Stone: Item, A cosmic power coveted by many. Grants +10 SP when equipped, and an extra ACTION per turn.
  98. Heads Up Display: Item, This eye-attachment can analyze the current situation, or help unravel a crime scene. roll EASY on applicable Int checks
  99. Kinetic Suit: Body-suit that absorbs energy and releases it in a blast of energy. When hurt, store up to 10HP of damage and add it to an attack roll
  100. X-Virus: Item, Inject someone with this to remove the Powers of whoever it hits


Great stuff! Love the reference to Valhallen, God of Rock, and his mighty axe!


Oops, it looks like i forgot to fill in it’s effects. Ill fix that