Hard Suit Tokens Volume 2!



Hey Everybody,

It’s me again, doing what I do…fervently working on token sets. This is volume 2 for Hard Suit and probably my favorite between the two sets. I have enough sketched out for another set but I may take a break and work on a set of room targets for Hard Suit and/or some more Warpshell stuff. Keep it real and keep the dice rollin!



Another great idea and purchase from DTRPG! … Nice work… Game On!!!


Thank you so much, I really appreciate the support! Happy gaming!


Congrats! :fire: :fire:


Thank you! It’s been good to focus on some ICRPG specific stuff.


Look awesome, my man.


Hey thanks! I enjoyed putting these together!

I got to play in my first game of Hard Suit this week, excited to see how it unfolds!


Hard Suit came out when quicker than I was expecting. I thought Hank said we was expecting to publish it around November. Have you been following the YT series?


I watched the first two and that really had me interested in pursuing the game when it came out. I really want to watch the rest but I feel I need to play the game for a while first. Because I am a player, I feel it is important to know as little as possible the first time through. So far the experience has been really cool! I really dig the concept of how the characters are built and the world/tech, it is inspiring to me.


Yeah, I watched most of the episodes. My biggest takeaway was in the early episodes, starting the characters off with zero stats and no abilities and allowing those things to come organically. I thought that was such a genius way to handle character creation.
I also like the way the hard suits created a “mechanic” that allowed the characters to be more than–like handle situations beyond their abilities. I was thinking, the way hard suits is handled would be a cool way of using magic in a low magic world.


Bought your first set, looking forward to these as well!


Thank you so much! Enjoy the set and your adventures with Hard Suit!


I sure will! I’m looking forward to recording and sharing my campaign on my YouTube channel with everyone!


I look forward to seeing that, please post it up when that rolls out!