Hard Suit home state map



I love in game maps, but sometimes I have a hard time wrapping my head around just how big a space might be so I made this map to help me out. This a map of my home state of Minnesota (and a part of Wisconsin), scaled to match and overlaid on the new Atria map after some quick and rough editing. Now I have a better mental image and feeling of how far players have to go as well as giving me more flavors and characters to work with based on what I know of the towns if I ever need more inspiration. Its a bit choppy, but I figured I’d share because I thought it tuned out pretty neat.



I did similar once when figuring out how large I wanted my old homebrew world to be – though I used the UK for reference


That’s neat! I really wanted to get a good feel of how far things really were so I went with what I was familiar with.


My home town more or less lines up with Pine Mill Village (appropriate since we were/are a logging and paper town)