Hank's Mead in episode...?


There was once a episode of Drunkin n Dragons (Old Runehammer) that Hank was pouring his choice Mead (King’s Mead maybe)?
Does anyone remember what that kind of Mead was or in what episode? Also @Runehammer if you remember, feel free to chime in!
Running a Conan style game and need me some Mead!

Thank you!


My fav mead label is HIDDEN LEGEND. You can get a variety case on their website to find your fav. Also great, as a runner up, is GROENFELL


THANK YOU @Runehammer !


This is kind of a silly drunky thread haha, but what about stronger/shot drinks? I remember one of your videos in which you had a bunch of glass shots in front of you and talked in spanish for some reason haha (I think it was after you visited spain). Can’t remember what you where drinking but would love to get pointed at your choice of whiskey or tequila or whatever you were (or wish you were) drinking that time haha


Heya Nim.
Mead: Groenfell or Hidden Legend
Beer: Hoffbrau original by the liter or Fiddlehead
Shots: Stateside Vodka, Tullamore Dew, or Terramana
The Good Stuff: Oban, Lephroaig 12 year