Hank is everywhere!


MoPop Seattle in the horror section.


What on earth is a mopop?


Dr. Google says Seattle Museum of Pop Culture.
Is Hankerin credited with it…or did someone else use it in their display? If he is…freakin awesome!!!


Then I guess he also wrote and illustrated the fabled Necronomicon? :wink:


That symbol is the reverse of the one on the Necrnomicon.
Oh noes! At midnight on Christmas Eve it will spawn 12 Krampus’s.

Lol. No, but that does look cool though. Hanks is more intricate.


The museum of pop culture in Seattle is awesome. I went through it last summer and loved it!!!

Also a fave:


Yup. I saw it and thought “Hey, I know that guy!”


Looks like that exact copy made it into Color Out of Space