Gym Strength vs Natural Strength



As we are want to do from time to time I am trying to ‘stat’ out my friends in order to do a modern day monster bashing romp about. That said I am trying to figure out stats, abilities or modifiers to differentiate between two of my friends; A gym rat and a farm boy. The gym guy is built like a viking and isn’t all glamour muscle but seems to tire out easier whereas the farm guy isn’t defined but is built like a rock and can go all day.

I know I’m splitting hairs but seeing as they aren’t going to be god tier heroes a point in ether direction can mean a lot and I want them to feel like their individual stats mean something rather than being bonuses to add to their dice rolls. I’ve considered giving the farm boy more constitution ( stamina, can take a hit better) or maybe some extra damage output to basic work for the gym rat.

This is supposed to more or less be a one off adventure unless some of them survive. Monsters will have regular stats and abilities where as they will have stats as close to normal humans as possible (or slightly boosted so they have some hope). This is more or less supposed to be fun and see how long it would take for them to bite the dust.

Thank you for any advice in advance.

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Or give them each a Tag where certain tasks are EASY depending on who they are


A CON bonus was the first thing I thought of when reading your opening paragraph. Brute strength is great for lifting up that portcullis, but doesn’t work as well for sustained labor.

@GMagnus’s suggestion for a tag is a great one, too: they could have the same base strength, but farmboy’s tag allows him to bale hale all day without tiring, while gym guy can knock out thirty reps of pull ups at a moment’s notice. The muscles involved are different; the training to use them is different; but both people are clearly “strong”.


Good points, I also now need to find a way where ripping out 30 reps at moments notice will come in handy


Oh! That’s a great idea


Gees, I know way too many gym rats. Modern day gym rats can be really tricky, if just body building and power lifting…strong in certain positions and great form in those positions.
But if they are doing cross fit, yoga, boxing, and Brazilian jujitsu, runs five miles a day…totally different creature. Not to mention slowly destroying all their cartilage.

Farm boys know how to position their bodies and use leverage from odd positions for extended periods of time.

Getting hit from and of them still hurts, higher bone density, better strength control. Measuring coordination would be harder.

All told, tags are easy. And you can institute 30 reps of something as lifting and controlling a weight, like lifting a shield or swinging/ stabbing with a pole arm.


very good points and exactly the kind of things I’ve been rolling over in my head. As for my particular gym buddy it’s weight training so mostly heavy lifting. In the end I think I will end up going with TAGS since they seem easier to fine tune and maybe a point of STR to the Gym and a point of CON to the Farmer.


Remember effort in ICRPG. But that can be a way to even them out a tad.

A tag gives +2 tool effort when using Str in both hands. Type silliness.

If they are just two players…make it fun for both.


Ohhh a good discussion.
Fitness is very specific. For example, A world class marathoner would be considered very fit. However, put them on a bike and watch them tire and struggle. A gym guy/gal would be very strong in those movements…ie squatting and benching. The farmer has different types of fitness. However, put them in the gym and they might fail equally. A triathlete would be very strong in these events…however have them perform a pull up or push up they may have difficulty.


3x8 reps of goblin decapitation daily will keep you strong.


that’s awesome! lol Very good point