Guns in Ghost Mountain


a few quick questions that seem simple but I want to make sure:

-Guns use DEX to hit correct?

-When dual wielding the second attack is HARD?

-any way to make the shotgun spread feel different than a pistol shot? (they both shoot NEAR if I remember correctly. more effort maybe?)

-any fun table rules that you have used that have made your experience more fun?

Thanks in advance,


Yes. Use DEX to shoot or throw knives.

I would require only one roll. Make a HARD roll to roll damage twice if you have, say, two pistols.

A couple of ideas I have implemented in the past: shotgun damage is a D8, and effort explodes on an 8; the shotgun hits ALL Close targets (apply damage roll to all close targets); the shotgun does d12 close, d8 near, and only d4 far to a single target; or the shotgun never misses at close range (no roll required for close) but does require a roll to hit and does normal damage at near.


Great advice as always, Thank you!


I would require only one roll. Make a HARD roll to roll damage twice if you have, say, two pistols.

I would do the opposite and let it just be a single EASY roll and use ammo x2. You are putting double the ammount of lead on that target, something’s gotta hit haha, Balance wise you’re wasting a lot of ammo (which in ghost mountain can really hurt).


Ohh that’s interesting!


That’s fun for sure. I generally require the hard roll, though. Because … have you ever tried to fire two pistols at anything and still retain any accuracy? It’s super difficult. Players can still get that extra damage boost if they want, but they have to demonstrate some exceptional marksmanship. Similarly, if you make it easy, why would anyone ever use a single weapon, ever?


That’s a fair point.


My point was ammo consumption being x2. In a scarcity game like Ghost Mountain it is super important to keep supplies in check.

Also you have to consider weapon tags which include things like range and capacity. A two handed weapon (like a rifle vs a pistol) will allow you to take longer shots and reloads way easier than two six-shooters.