GUN effort in non-gun settings


I keep it simple.
d6 weapons
d8 magical/special weapons
d10 magic


I really like this hack; seems the simplest. Then just use the tags do differentiate between Light and Heavy… very elegant.

We’re terrible at our table in utilizing tags and this will definatly help us change that.


I agree; the introduction of Gun effort has yielded one of the most surprising collateral effects of the changes in Master Edition for me, bumping magic and energy effects up to a D10 and effectively granting them a +1 bonus (5.5 average roll instead of 4.5) and giving every magic attack a 2-point advantage over a normal weapon attack. My quick fix to preserve my current medieval fantasy game—which doesn’t have firearms or gunpowder—under ICRPG Second Edition rules has been to keep Magic effort rolls on a D8 and introduce Gun effort rolls on a D6 if/when I ever need to. (Would I rather get shot with a 9mm or hit with a katana? That’s a tough break either way…) There are many great things about Master Edition that offset the age-old problem in D&D of “linear fighters vs. quadratic wizards”; I think keeping Magic effort on the D8 remains a viable alternative if your setting doesn’t involve or focus on the use of firearms or modern technology, allowing all martial and magical classes to still have plenty of juice during the game.


Your points are more than valid. If in the middle of an adventure…keep it as is.

But next adventure, incorporation of the new is not so hard.


Could use d6 “Casual” weapons that you can get away with carrying around town and also d8 “Martial” weapons of war that would be frown upon if wearing out around civilian town.


I prefer the D10 MAGIC EFFORT, but I use the Spell Burn rules. Imho it higher die is balanced with the danger of using magic.