Grizzly's FORCES: Updates and Process


Today’s update:

25 pages with writing complete. 12 need artwork. 19 pages of character creation:
New bioforms and BIOFORM roll table
New description tag, BODY
New story/flaw tag, BURDEN
New Starter loot
New universal loot
new SPIRIT mechanic
New SANITY mechanics
2 new Milestone Paths
4 new FEATS (more coming!)

Of course, much still requires editing.
Still need to add the other FEATS I have planned, not a whole lot needed at the moment thanks to @Khan. So, another 2-4 pages of FEATS, then pre-gen Hero bios. That will finish the HEROES section and “unlock” the NPC section. Slowly but surely!


Do looking forward to this.
I will empty my pockets!!


You are making my job more difficult with all these mechanics and tables. Now how will I find new stuff to put in a new book, I ask you?! :sob: :laughing:

Joking aside, the book is shaping up very nicely if you ask me!

Don’t forget to make the flavor text of FEATS (and SPELLS if you have them) italic.

Also when you are finished will all of the text, I can take a look at the book if you need it.


Unfortunately, the text I use doesn’t really have italics, so I’ll need to use a different font to make that happen. Working on it!

I think I’ll take you up on that offer! At this rate, probably another month or two should finish the text unless something slows me down.


If the font doesn’t support italics, no matter. It won’t be the end of the world. You can use a different font (that has italics) for the flavor stuff.

I don’t find your current font that readable though but that’s just me. It is kinda your signature font.

Ping me if/when you need anything, any time.


Today, I’m working on the character sheet and then PANTHEON page. Depending on how that shakes down, might start on the Hero Pre-Gen table and then Bio Pages circa Hero’s of the Hammer. Once that is finally finished, I can move on to the NPC section! :grin:



Definitely still in draft, but first cut of the FORCES character sheet

Printed a copy, looks ok but not a huge fan of the Gear part, and space the new KINDS takes… thoughts? :confused:


Well this rocks harder than a boulder! I can’t wait to see more of this. I’m always down to rap, hang, and nerd out on stuff like this. :slight_smile:


Remove Kinds stuff altogether. There is no reason for a character sheet of a game known for being hackable to have hardcoded text.

As for Gears, thickening the borders should do it.

Edit: I meant thickening the lines.


Replace Kinds with a place to write tags.
Because they are tags


Thanks @Khan and @GMagnus, that helped clean it up a lot!

Progress update: on my 28th page of writing, officially making this my largest project to date. Monsters was only 26! Just broke ground on the NPC section:


Coming along nicely, great art!


So, here is 2.0 on the FORCES character sheet:

Front page:

Back page:

There is also a form fillable version where you can insert a hero card sized image in the Portrait. Looks not too shabby!

Any suggestions on improvements?


This looks way better and more in your own style. :ok_hand:

I can send you my hourglass, d20 and crosshair icons if you need them.

As for 9 spells/feats per page, I thought about it and decided to put only 4 of them to keep them directly compatible with ICRPG MAGIC but 9/page is a better use of space anyway.

NOTES/BIOFORM/EXTRAS like looks too cramped to me. Also bottom left/right looks empty. That’s why I put SUPPLIES and COINS there in mine.

I’d also suggest putting column lines next to equipment numbers and next to both checkboxes to guide the eye in the equipment table.


Sorry for the thread necro, just curious about the status of Forces, Monsters v2, etc.